Urban Tank – Spring TTT KAL

Just making it in under the wire!  Luvinthemommyhood’s Spring Tops, Tanks and Tees KAL is coming to an end tonight so it’s time to write up my finished sweater!  I opted for Veera’s Urban tank using some Madeline Tosh merino light in Tart (!) that has been languishing in my stash since last spring.  This the very first Tosh yarn that I bought (last year at the knitters frolic) but I had only two skeins, which is a little limiting.  I’m happy I held off using it though as I think it works really well for this pattern!

There is not too much to say on this one.  I did narrow the neckline a bit in an attempt to keep this sweater on my shoulders!  I have narrow shoulders and was worried that the top as written would constantly be sliding around.  The details are described here on my ravelry page (what I can remember!  I didn’t keep track as I usually do!).  I increased the front panels every 8 rows and the back panels every 6 rows.  This left me short a few stitches when I joined everything in the round but I just modified my decreases so that at the end of my waist shaping I had the correct number of stitches.  Or something like that!  I have a sneaking suspicion that I actually did an increase round or two after joining in the round but short of pulling off my sweater and counting stitches, I can’t be sure!  This is what happens when I take bad notes!  I was a little bored knitting this one so I’ll blame my laziness on that!

urban angledurban front 2

urban back front close-up

I’m quite pleased with how this sweater turned out. I’m happy to report that the neckline stays put!  This sweater was a little short as I ran out of yarn but blocking helped immensely.  The buttons I chose might be a bit heavy as they seem to be pulling the neckline back a bit but that’s easy enough to change if it bothers me.  As an aside to anyone considering this sweater…  feel free to skip the buttonholes on the shoulder!  This easily fits over my head and I can’t ever see an occasion where I might bother undoing the buttons.

shoulder close-up

Now go forth and knit!  It may not be the most exciting pattern to work on but it is clear and well written (as all of Veera’s patterns are) and the finished sweater is lovely and wearable!

sara shivering

I was shivering like crazy! Not the warmest Toronto afternoon!


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