Princess Sofia Inspired Dress

Back with another make for Project Run and Play.  This weeks theme was to make an outfit inspired by a favourite vacation spot.  Although we haven’t actually been there yet I choose Disneyland since Steve and I are constantly talking about when we will take the kids there.  Currently we are waiting until Daxton is a little bit bigger so he will really be able to enjoy it.  Anyways, when I think Disneyland I think of all the characters and how all the little kids like to buy expensive costumes to look like them.  Finnley is currently in full on princess mode so I knew I wanted to make her something inspired by one of the Disney Princesses.  Although she loves them all I decided to go with Princess Sofia.

Full view front

I didn’t want to make a big princess gown or anything that was too costumey so I picked the elements that I liked from the original dress and tried to incorporate them into a more wearable casual dress.

Close up

For the bodice of the dress I wanted to try and recreate the cap sleeves and the wide neckline.  I started with cap sleeve version of the geranium dress, but I extended the bodice to make it sit on Finnley’s waist.  I also made the neckline have more of a boatneck shape by using this tutorial.  To the back I used pearl snaps for a closure.  The bodice sits a bit lower than I would like, but after shortening it three times I was having a hard time convincing myself to remove it from the skirt and try a fourth time.  I feel a little bit meh with how it turned out.

Back bodice

The scalloped skirt overlay was a must to make this dress even slightly resemble Princess Sofia’s dress.  To make the skirt I used the full width of fabric with a bunch of extra fabric added to the length.  I then folded the extra fabric towards the right side and traced scallops on the bottom and sewed around the lines.  Finally I trimmed the extra fabric and turned them right side out.  In case this makes no sense you can refer to this tutorial for a better idea of what I did.  I also used a rectangle for the white underlay but made it less wide so it wouldn’t be as full.  Both layers were gathered and sewn to the bodice.


Not so sure this dress scream Princess Sofia, but since that was what I was going for I am going to say success.  I do love how the skirt with the overlay looks, but am not completely happy with how my bodice turned out.  Thankfully Finnley is happy with it and the fact that it is purple means it should be pretty easy to get her to wear it.

Angled view

Taking photos of this girl is becoming increasingly difficult and there were a whole lot with this super unimpressed little face.

Side view

I did have plans for next weeks theme but they are feeling far more ambitious then I am in the mood for lately so not sure if anything will get finished.  I do have the fabric picked out and a definite plan for week 4 so will be back then!





Rainbows Sequins and Unicorns!

Full view

Sewing along with another season of Project Run and Play and this weeks theme was to create an outfit inspired by a zoo animal.  I really wanted to pick Finnley’s favourite animal which happens to be a unicorn.  Now I realize that the unicorn is not actually an animal, but rather a mystical creature, but I decided to go with it anyway.  So what do you think of when you think of a unicorn?  For me rainbows and magic jump to the front of my mind.  The starting point for this outfit was the skirt.  I knew that I wanted to incorporate a rainbow and this dress from Caila made came to mind.  I used the idea of the ombre flying geese, but instead I made a rainbow and used that for the side panels on a the skirt.  I especially liked this idea because the triangles reminded me of a unicorns horn.  The flying geese are made from broadcloth and the pink is a solid quilting cotton.  The actual skirt is a simple gathered elastic waist skirt, but when gathering I made sure to not gather the side panels.  I used this tutorial for the flying geese.  I love how this detail turned out.  It was my first time trying any sort of quilting technique and it was much easier than I expected.  The only difficulty was that my machine did not handle all the layers when assembling the skirt and after more skipped stitches then I have ever seen and every adjustment I could think of making, I just used my serger and hoped everything lined up correctly!

Skirt panel

Next I wanted to try and incorporate the idea of magic, which makes me think of sparkles and shine.  This is where the sequins come in.  Sticking with the rainbow theme I used a rainbow of sequins to add some sparkle and colour to a basic t-shirt.  I spent a couple hours hand sewing a ton of sequins to spell the word “einhorn” which is unicorn in German.  No special significance other than I wanted to incorporate unicorn without being too literal and this was my favourite way to spell unicorn in all the other languages.  The shirt is the Anytime At All tee by Shwin Designs made with 3/4 sleeves and about a 1/2 of width taken from the sleeves and body to make a slightly slimmer fit.


To bring it all together I wanted to add an actual unicorn somewhere and decided to do so on an accessory that Finnley would enjoy using.  What little girl doesn’t love a purse?!  The purse was trial and error and it actually ended up working better than expected for my first attempt.  Not quite a perfect circle, but otherwise I am happy with how it turned out.  The purse is made from black linen and the unicorn was added using freezer paper and fabric paint.  I had meant to add some hot pink piping around the purse, but forgot so instead managed to find some pink leather cording at Michael’s which I used for a strap.


This outfit turned out pretty much exactly how I had envisioned it in my head which makes me super happy.  Plus Finnley told me she loves everything about the outfit and that makes sewing for her so much fun!

Full view 2_edited-1


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PR&P: Upcycled Colour Block Dress

Week 3 of Project Run and Play is here and the theme of the week was repurposing.  I decided to sew for Finnley this week and since my daughter tries to put on a knit summer dress most mornings, I thought that a more weather appropriate comfy dress would probably get a lot of use.

Finnley over top

I ended up making her a colour blocked dress using some old t-shirts for the fabric.  Not the most creative upcycle, but you can get quite a bit of yardage out of a cheap t-shirt so definitely economical.  My inspiration for this dress was this Burda pattern.  I felt pretty confident that I could recreate something similar so decided to save myself a bit of money and make my own pattern.  I started with a t-shirt pattern that I added some extra length to so that it was dress length.  For my starting point I used a soon to be released pattern from Shwin and Shwin.  To add the colour blocking I retraced the front piece of the pattern to change it from cutting it on the fold to making it one piece.  I wanted the back to be a solid colour so I just left that pattern piece alone.  (Sorry for poor quality of the next few pictures, but if you are interested in what I did you can see it when you click on them and look at them full size).

First pattern piece

Once I had my new pattern piece I decided where I wanted my colour blocking to be and simply drew lines directly on the pattern.  Then cut along the lines which meant my new bodice pattern was 3 pieces.

Adding lines

For the sleeves I kept the original pattern piece which is cut on the fold and then drew my colour blocking line and cut along it.


Then I decided where I wanted each colour to go and cut the pieces out making sure to add seam allowance where I was going to attach each piece.  I then took all the pieces and sewed them together.  Once I had my front and sleeves put together I assembled it the same way I put together a basic T-shirt.

Finnley smile IMG_7325

The other changes I made to create this dress was to add a flutter sleeve and add a band of fabric on the bottom to pull the bottom in a little bit.  Although I love the addition of the flutter sleeves I do think I made them a bit too wide and heavy so they lie a bit more flat than I would like.

Finnley sleeve

Pretty happy with how this one turned out and have some plans, if I can ever find the time, to make her a few more simple knit dresses.

Finnley surprised IMG_7322

Finnley seems to love the dress if these pictures are any indication, which means success!


PR&P: Winter Wonderland

Another season of Project Run and Play is here and I couldn’t resist sewing along again!  This weeks theme is Winter Wonderland, which makes me think of white, fur and lots of layers that are all not very practical when you are sewing for small children.  I knew that I wanted to try and sew something for Daxton and when looking around for some inspiration I came across this picture on Pinterest which looked perfect and I decided to use it as my inspiration.  (Source for photos below).

si3 si2

To recreate this look I started with the vest.  I had originally planned on drafting my own pattern for the vest until I came across the Great Outdoor Vest from Peek-a-Boo patterns, which was exactly what I was looking for and would save me some time.  Even after I found the pattern I had still planned on drafting it myself because lord knows I didn’t need another pattern, but my lovely sister Sara bought and sent it to me and made the decision for me.

IMG_7203 IMG_7214

For the vest I used a navy summer twill for the outer and a quilting cotton for the lining.  I also added two layers of batting that I quilted to give it that classic puffy vest look.  The pattern was super simple to use and it came together quickly and with no issues.

Rather than make a white shirt like the inspiration picture I wanted to add some colour.  For Dax’s shirt I used a men’s extra large that I had in my re-purpose pile and used my favourite go to shirt pattern, the Recess Raglan from See Kate Sew.  This was my first time taking advantage of the existing hem from an old T-shirt which makes a super nice finish on the final shirt.  The only thing I forgot to take into consideration was that I should probably shorten the pattern piece to account for not needing to hem it, so a bit longer than normal but not too long that it looks funny.


The final piece, and the most labour intensive, was the skinny jeans.  I used the Skinny Jeans pattern from Peek-a-Boo patterns.


Although I ended up being super happy with how the final product turned out, there were many times as I was sewing them that I wasn’t sure I liked the jeans. The construction went smoothly up until I needed to add the waistband.  When I tried them on Dax before finishing the side seam I discovered that, even though I had picked as size that should have left some room to grow, these were going to be some super skinny jeans!

I took my time when constructing the jeans and used the topstitching thread to make them look as close to store bought as possible and I love how all the details pop!



Where I hit some trouble was when I was trying to attach the waistband.  I just kept making mistake after mistake and in my frustration I decided to add a rib knit waistband.  This ended up being a happy mistake because the jeans are so tight and a bit restrictive and I think the original waistband would have made them really uncomfortable for Dax.


Overall I am really happy with how this outfit turned out but lets be honest, could anything look bad on this adorable little boy?!



IMG_7199 IMG_7198

I have trouble coming up with an idea I love for next week so am going to sit that one out.  I will be back for week 3 and will enjoy looking at everything everyone else creates next week.


Ruffled Cardigan

So this make was supposed to be part of week 4 over on Project Run and Play, but unfortunately life got in the way this week and I have just missed the cut off for the link party 😦 Not gonna lie, I am pretty sad I mismanaged my time this week and didn’t get it up. I spent a lot of time planning and sewing this outfit for Finnley. Oh well!

For this week I knew I wanted to play around with some fun pattern matching but add some feminine details so Finnley will want to wear it.


It all started with the cardigan!  To make this I used the Hangout Hoodie from Peek-a-Boo patterns.  I had zero desire to draft a sleeve so picked a pattern that would let me skip that step but would be easy to modify.  To modify the pattern I cut the back as is and for the front I also used the back pattern piece but lowered the curve on the neckline and didn’t cut it on the fold.  I also shortened both the front and the back to have it hit Finnley at her waist.  I then cut 3 long rectangles and 2 smaller ones to make the ruffles and connector pieces.  For a closure I added pearl snaps.  I was worried how this would turn out because the fabric was so much thinner then I was expecting (the one big drawback to ordering fabric online) and I wasn’t sure if it would be able to handle the weight of the ruffles.  I think it actually worked out okay and I am really happy with how it turned out.

IMG_6588 IMG_6592

To play around with the patterns I made Finnley a pair of leggings using a black and white tribal knit.  Leggings were made using a pair of Finnley’s to make my own pattern piece.

To add a pop of colour I used the recess raglan pattern to make a simple t-shirt.  I used some coral knit that I had leftover from a previous unblogged project and paired it with the polka dot fabric.  The right side of the polka dot fabric has a very noticeable sheen to it and the whole time I was sewing the cardigan I was wishing I used the wrong side of the fabric.  The wrong side is a charcoal gray with no shine and I love it.  So for the sleeves I used the wrong side.  I can’t say enough good things about this particular pattern!  Comes together so quickly and the fit is so great!


Thankfully Finnley seems to like it!

IMG_6586 IMG_6604

Next up is some selfish sewing for Project Sewn.  Missed this week but have some plans for weeks 3 and 4.


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PR&P – Mad For Plaid

Week 3 at Project Run and Play and this weeks theme was mad for plaid. While browsing I came across some red and black plaid flannel and inspiration was born, a lumberjack vest for my little man! The husband is constantly telling me I don’t sew for the boy enough so this was the perfect week to sew for Daxton and go all out with his outfit! I think this is a problem a lot of us parents with both boys and girls have, but thankfully all these great indie pattern makers are coming out with some pretty awesome patterns for boys.


Dax’s outfit started with a reversible vest using Go To Patterns Study Hall Jacket as the starting point. I used the fleece for one side and some plaid shirting that I got locally for the other. I needed to make a couple modifications to turn it into a vest. The pattern had raglan sleeves so first I changed it back to a normal armhole. Because I wanted the vest to be reversible and look good from both sides I added the welt pockets to both layers. The pockets on the flannel side are stitched closed and I cut off the pocket bag to eliminate some of the bulk. First time sewing welt pockets and it was surprisingly easy! For a closure, I eliminated the zipper and went with snaps. I had every intention of putting in a zipper but could not find a zipper that would separate and be reversible. Honestly wish I had been able to find one, snaps are such a pain! To finish the armholes I used double wide store bought bias tape.

IMG_6533 IMG_6516

To go along with his vest I also made Daxton some black pants using Blank Slate Patterns W pants. The back yoke was a great chance to feature some more of the plaid fabric. These pants came together super quickly! I added the zipper welt pockets to the yoke and did a faux fly. Although the pants are adorable I am not crazy about the fit. I made the 18month size for my 16month old son so I expected them to be too big which they are, but that is okay because it means room to grow. What I don’t love is the fit of the back yoke. There is a bunch of extra fabric in that area and the zippers barely fit on the yoke and they make the extra fabric stick out a bit. Overall I do like them though and will be trying them in a bigger size for Finnley.


To finish the outfit I made Dax a simple t-shirt using the recess raglan pattern from See Kate Sew. This was my second time sewing this pattern (see first version here) and I love how quickly it comes together. And the fit is so great. I envision many more of these in the future, in fact I have a few planned already! For this shirt I used some white organic knit with black sleeves upcycled from a shirt in my closet. To tie it in with the mad for plaid theme I added an applique dinosaur using the plaid shirting. So simple but adds that little something special!

IMG_6523 IMG_6524

Taking pictures of a 16 month old is always an adventure. It started with a lot of this

IMG_6518 IMG_6531

but after a break ended with this.




Yay for adorable boy clothes!


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PR&P – Strawberry Twizzler Inspired

Week 2 at Project Run and Play and this weeks theme is to create an outfit inspired by a candy. When I was initially looking at the themes this was the one week that I wasn’t sure if I was going to participate in. Although the idea is fun I was envisioning outfits that were far too costumey and if I am going to take the time to make my kids something it needs to be practical. Obviously I changed my mind but the idea for this project came from my sister and blogging partner Sara. What I decided to do was a outfit inspired by strawberry Twizzlers.


The inspiration for this started with this adorable strawberry knit fabric from Heather Ross. Originally I had planned on using it to make leggings but apparently I wasn’t thinking correctly when I ordered this fabric and I only order half a yard which was not nearly enough. So then I thought maybe I could make some cropped leggings but it is September and fall is coming so not very practical. Ended up making a T-shirt with it using the recess raglan pattern by See Kate Sew. Cut out the body and went to cut out the sleeves and realized the only way I could squeeze them out of the strawberry fabric was to cut them against the grain which meant a quick trip to my local fabric store for some organic red knit.  To make the most of my strawberry fabric I decided to do the version with the cuffs.


This shirt came together super easily, especially thanks to my brand new serger! The only change I made to the pattern was instead of using ribbing for the neckline I used the strawberry fabric. To neck the neck I used the pattern piece but extended it by 2 inches since it was not as stretchy as ribbing would have been. Worked out pretty well I think!


When you look at a twizzler they have a ridge that twists around the licorice. In order to incorportate that idea into the outfit I decided to make a tiered ruffle skirt using some red voile I had in my stash. I used Dana’s tutorial but unlike last time I lengthened each ruffle layer by half an inch so you would not see the connecting layer.


I am pretty happy with how these pieces turned out. Ended up with a super girly outfit that Finnley will be able to get lots of wear out of.

IMG_6486 IMG_6506

Excited to sew something for my little man for next week!


Chevron Sweetheart Dress

It is week 2 over at Project Run and Play and this weeks theme is Riley Blake chevron week.  Looking for any excuse to go out and buy some chevron print made me excited to participate and sew along.  I decided last minute that I wanted to make something which meant it was too late to order anything online so I was limited to what I could find locally.  My mom was visiting this weekend and the second she arrived I dragged her off to my local Fabricana to see what they had in stock.  Stock was pretty limited and I ended up spending more than I would have liked but I managed to find something I thought would work.  I originally had visions of yellow and white chevron for the skirt and some white cotton with yellow pindots for the bodice but oh well, was not meant to be.  What I ended up coming home with was this navy and white chevron and some white quilting cotton.  What I ended up making was a Sweetheart dress by Shannon from luvinthemommyhood.

IMG_4959 IMG_4962

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress!  The heart cutout on this dress is so adorable!  I also love the fabric combination I went with even if it isn’t what I thought I wanted.  White and navy is just such a classic colour combination.

So what can I say about the construction of this dress?  Although this pattern is considered to be for an advance beginner it is the most complicated thing that I have personally sewn.  I think I drove my mom a bit crazy with all my questions and my need to show each little step that I completed looking for her reassurance.  Thanks mom for answering all my questions and constantly reassuring me that it looked okay!  This dress was a couple firsts for me, the first time I have ever lined a bodice and the first time I have attached a bodice and skirt together.  These 2 steps were the ones that caused me the most trouble.  All mistakes I made were because I just wasn’t being careful enough and thinking each step through.  Although the dress is far from perfect I am super happy with the overall job.


And I love how it looks on Finnley and I am taking her accidental thumbs up to mean she likes it as well!


The heart cutout adds an adorable and feminine detail that Finnley loves.  She keeps calling it her heart dress.


And any excuse to wear a high bun with the excuse of showing off a special detail is good to me!


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