Pleated Penny

One of the very first things that I sewed and had not found the time to blog about was a Pleated Penny from Shwin and Shwin.

IMG_5456 IMG_5478

Overall this was a relatively easy project to complete.  Cutting out the pattern was super simple because the dress starts as two rectangles.  The one step I found time consuming and frustrating to complete was the box pleats on the front and back of the dress.  They were very finicky and the pattern does not have any markings telling you where to put the pleats.  It would have been helpful and made the project much quicker to complete if those had been included.

I made a few modifications to this pattern.  I decided to cut this pattern in a 3T but chose to finish my side seams by making french seams rather than using a zigzag stitch which made the dress closer to a 2T when completed.  The other modification I made was to the straps.  The straps were long and skinny and if I kept them the way they were the neckline and the armholes would have been a couple of inches lower.  I also wanted the buttons to be more on the front of the dress rather than on top of Finnley’s shoulder.  So what I ended up doing was keeping the back strap as is and trimming the front strap so that the button ended up where I wanted (about 2 inches).

This dress was my very first attempt at making a buttonhole.  Not sure if it is me or my machine but I have not had great success with my buttonholes.  Managed to get something that works okay but I will probably redo that portion of my strap in the future.  I worry that the buttonhole is not going to hold up to very many washings!



My little ham!

Overall the I am happy with the final result although I find the fabric to be a bit more muted than I like.  Figure I can’t complain too much since I only used about a 1/4 of a metre.  That makes for a very cheap and yet still adorable dress!  Plan to make it in the tunic length soon.