KCW Part 1 – Maggie Mae

Feels like forever but I finally have something to share!  Starting to get into the routine of things and adapting to work full time so hopefully I can find more time to get back to sewing.  As previously mentioned I decided to participate in KCW this year.  I set myself what I thought was a reasonable goal of three things but managed to only finish two.  Now I realize KCW finished on April 28 and I should have blogged about these awhile ago but here is the first of my two projects…


Yet another Shwin and Shwin pattern, The Maggie Mae Tunic.  Isn’t it adorable?  This was an easy sew, the only thing that held me up with this one was that I ran out of thread.  So annoying because it killed all momentum and ended up taking way longer to actually finish than it should have.

This top was made out of some quilting cotton from Joanns and I love how bright the colours are.  Perfect for the sunny weather we are currently having.  Spring is officially here, although with these temperatures it feels more like mid August!  This top features two of my favourite things, buttons and inseam pockets!

IMG_5591 IMG_5565

Loving this little shirt.  I am thinking dress soon for summer!


Hopefully I will have a project to share for Project Sewn later this week.  I am thinking/hoping third attempt at  making this skirt work will be the charm!


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