Lucy Top

A few months ago when my sister first got the idea of starting to sew in my head I started looking at Pinterest for ideas and the Lucy Tunic by Shwin Designs was one of the very first things that I fell in love with and I just knew that I wanted to make it.  So after a few other projects to familiarize myself with my new to me sewing machine I finally made one.

The Lucy Tunic is an adorable reversible top for little girls and I love how mine turned out.

IMG_5229 IMG_5249

This top features a ton of little details that make it special.  I fell in love with the large buttons on each side and what little one isn’t going to love inseam pockets to put all their little treasures (ie. rocks) in.


So excited about her inseam pockets!

This top was quite easy to construct, even for a beginner like me!  The hardest part was trying to figure out where to place the buttons and button holes to have the shirt lie flat.  Put those buttons AND took them off more times than I would like to admit and they are still not perfect!

I made one happy mistake on this project.  I missed a line on the pattern when I was tracing it out so instead of having a back that is straight it ended up having a scalloped edge that matches what is going on in the front of the shirt.  I say happy mistake because I ended up really liking how it looked on the final product.


I made this top in a 3T for my almost 3 year old hoping it would be a bit big and still fit in the fall but the fit ended up being great.  Hopefully it still lasts as planned!  For fabric I used red linen for the solid side and some quilting cotton for the patterned side, both from Joanns.   First time sewing with linen and it is definitely my favourite fabric to sew so far!

Overall I am super happy with this little top for Finnley.  The one thing I might change when I make this shirt again is I might only do the inseam pockets on one side.  I find the shirt to be really bulky having all those pocket in there.

And now a few more photos because she just looks so damn adorable.

IMG_5252 IMG_5196

Make sure to check back later this week for my next Project Run and Play sewalong!