PR&P: Winter Wonderland

Another season of Project Run and Play is here and I couldn’t resist sewing along again!  This weeks theme is Winter Wonderland, which makes me think of white, fur and lots of layers that are all not very practical when you are sewing for small children.  I knew that I wanted to try and sew something for Daxton and when looking around for some inspiration I came across this picture on Pinterest which looked perfect and I decided to use it as my inspiration.  (Source for photos below).

si3 si2

To recreate this look I started with the vest.  I had originally planned on drafting my own pattern for the vest until I came across the Great Outdoor Vest from Peek-a-Boo patterns, which was exactly what I was looking for and would save me some time.  Even after I found the pattern I had still planned on drafting it myself because lord knows I didn’t need another pattern, but my lovely sister Sara bought and sent it to me and made the decision for me.

IMG_7203 IMG_7214

For the vest I used a navy summer twill for the outer and a quilting cotton for the lining.  I also added two layers of batting that I quilted to give it that classic puffy vest look.  The pattern was super simple to use and it came together quickly and with no issues.

Rather than make a white shirt like the inspiration picture I wanted to add some colour.  For Dax’s shirt I used a men’s extra large that I had in my re-purpose pile and used my favourite go to shirt pattern, the Recess Raglan from See Kate Sew.  This was my first time taking advantage of the existing hem from an old T-shirt which makes a super nice finish on the final shirt.  The only thing I forgot to take into consideration was that I should probably shorten the pattern piece to account for not needing to hem it, so a bit longer than normal but not too long that it looks funny.


The final piece, and the most labour intensive, was the skinny jeans.  I used the Skinny Jeans pattern from Peek-a-Boo patterns.


Although I ended up being super happy with how the final product turned out, there were many times as I was sewing them that I wasn’t sure I liked the jeans. The construction went smoothly up until I needed to add the waistband.  When I tried them on Dax before finishing the side seam I discovered that, even though I had picked as size that should have left some room to grow, these were going to be some super skinny jeans!

I took my time when constructing the jeans and used the topstitching thread to make them look as close to store bought as possible and I love how all the details pop!



Where I hit some trouble was when I was trying to attach the waistband.  I just kept making mistake after mistake and in my frustration I decided to add a rib knit waistband.  This ended up being a happy mistake because the jeans are so tight and a bit restrictive and I think the original waistband would have made them really uncomfortable for Dax.


Overall I am really happy with how this outfit turned out but lets be honest, could anything look bad on this adorable little boy?!



IMG_7199 IMG_7198

I have trouble coming up with an idea I love for next week so am going to sit that one out.  I will be back for week 3 and will enjoy looking at everything everyone else creates next week.



Christmas PJ’s

We stated a new family tradition last year which was letting the kids open one present on Christmas Eve.  The present is always going to be new Christmas PJ’s so I since this is my first Christmas since taking up sewing I was excited to make them for the kiddos.  So when I came across this reindeer fabric at Girl Charlee that had coordinating solids I could not resist.  I don’t have any actual PJ patterns in my ever growing collection so I decided to use my favourite t-shirt pattern, the recess raglan, from See Kate Sew and pair it with the fancy pants leggings pattern from Titchy Threads.  Both were perfect choices since they made it easy to combine both the print and the solid fabrics.



For Daxton I decided to use the green solid fabric for the bum insert and the body of the shirt.



And for Finnley I swapped out the green for red.  Now since these are Christmas eve presents I couldn’t really get the kids to model them for you guys to look at, but I figured that Daxton is a bit too young to really understand what is going on so took a few pictures of him wearing his.

IMG_7098 IMG_7102

I had already made Dax the shirt in a 2T so I already knew I would be happy with the fit, but I had not made the leggings before.  When I took his measurements he fit perfectly in the 12-18month size and although that is not the size he wears in RTW I went with it and could not be happier with the fit.  I love how the leggings look on him and am thinking I might make him a few more pairs to wear as pants.  Fingers crossed the fit is just as great for Finnley when she puts them on Christmas eve!


The bum insert is by far my favourite part of these PJ’s.  How adorable is his little bum?


The cuteness factor alone makes this one of my favourite makes so far!


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KCW Failure!

I had such grand plans for KCW, but sadly it just didn’t happen.  Instead I get to keep walking past my sad stack of fabric washed and ready to be cut and my patterns printed and ready to be taped and traced.  I did mange to get 3 projects cut and 2 of those finished so it wasn’t completely wasted.


I knew I had limited time to try and get anything finished before the week was over so I started with a pattern I have already sewn and that I know comes together quickly.  I made Daxton a couple of recess raglan tees.  For the first one I used some white organic knit with some orange mustache fabric from Girl Charlee.  I also cut out a quick mustache which I appliqued to the front of the shirt.



For the second one I used some stripe from Girl Charlee and some black jersey from an old shirt of my own.



My favourite kind of project:  simple, quick, and adorable!


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PR&P – Mad For Plaid

Week 3 at Project Run and Play and this weeks theme was mad for plaid. While browsing I came across some red and black plaid flannel and inspiration was born, a lumberjack vest for my little man! The husband is constantly telling me I don’t sew for the boy enough so this was the perfect week to sew for Daxton and go all out with his outfit! I think this is a problem a lot of us parents with both boys and girls have, but thankfully all these great indie pattern makers are coming out with some pretty awesome patterns for boys.


Dax’s outfit started with a reversible vest using Go To Patterns Study Hall Jacket as the starting point. I used the fleece for one side and some plaid shirting that I got locally for the other. I needed to make a couple modifications to turn it into a vest. The pattern had raglan sleeves so first I changed it back to a normal armhole. Because I wanted the vest to be reversible and look good from both sides I added the welt pockets to both layers. The pockets on the flannel side are stitched closed and I cut off the pocket bag to eliminate some of the bulk. First time sewing welt pockets and it was surprisingly easy! For a closure, I eliminated the zipper and went with snaps. I had every intention of putting in a zipper but could not find a zipper that would separate and be reversible. Honestly wish I had been able to find one, snaps are such a pain! To finish the armholes I used double wide store bought bias tape.

IMG_6533 IMG_6516

To go along with his vest I also made Daxton some black pants using Blank Slate Patterns W pants. The back yoke was a great chance to feature some more of the plaid fabric. These pants came together super quickly! I added the zipper welt pockets to the yoke and did a faux fly. Although the pants are adorable I am not crazy about the fit. I made the 18month size for my 16month old son so I expected them to be too big which they are, but that is okay because it means room to grow. What I don’t love is the fit of the back yoke. There is a bunch of extra fabric in that area and the zippers barely fit on the yoke and they make the extra fabric stick out a bit. Overall I do like them though and will be trying them in a bigger size for Finnley.


To finish the outfit I made Dax a simple t-shirt using the recess raglan pattern from See Kate Sew. This was my second time sewing this pattern (see first version here) and I love how quickly it comes together. And the fit is so great. I envision many more of these in the future, in fact I have a few planned already! For this shirt I used some white organic knit with black sleeves upcycled from a shirt in my closet. To tie it in with the mad for plaid theme I added an applique dinosaur using the plaid shirting. So simple but adds that little something special!

IMG_6523 IMG_6524

Taking pictures of a 16 month old is always an adventure. It started with a lot of this

IMG_6518 IMG_6531

but after a break ended with this.




Yay for adorable boy clothes!


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KCW: Little Man Shorts

Finally finding some time to share my last two projects from this round of KCW, a couple pairs of shorts for Daxton. They have been finished for a few nights but I still had to grab some pictures of the final pair and we ran outside quickly after dinner tonight to snap a few.

IMG_6133 IMG_6161

To make these shorts I used Dana’s new shorts pattern and made the flat front version with the addition of the pockets.  Both versions are made using some bottom weight fabric I bought from Joanns on my last trip across the border.  Dax was in desperate need of some neutral shorts that would go with anything so we went with some khaki and gray.


The shorts came together really quickly and the fit is pretty good.  I  made size 18 months for my little man and the waist is a little bit loose but the length is perfect.  The pockets are completely unnecessary since Dax has not discovered pockets and their storage possibilities yet, but they add a nice little detail.

There is not a lot to say about these shorts besides how much I love them, so I will just add some actions shots of my little man since anything else is next to impossible to capture!






KCW: Plaid Shorts and Muscle Tank

Back so soon with some sewing for the boy!  Daxton was in need of some shorts to finish his summer wardrobe so I have three pairs planned to finish this week for KCW.  First up are a pair of plaid shorts with a muscle tee to wear with it.


These particular shorts I have had cut out and sitting ready to go for a few weeks now, but KCW finally gave me the push to get them finished.  I used the same pattern that I used for these shorts, The Nowhere pants just shortened.  I gave my husband the job to pick some fabric out for these shorts and he went with this green and plaid flannelette from Fabricland.  I honestly didn`t love the fabric when he picked it but since I am constantly bugging him for input I decided to go with it anyway.  Apparently he has a better eye for fabric than me because I think it made a pretty adorable pair of shorts.

IMG_6104 IMG_6105

The last time I used this pattern I made a size 18months and although the shorts fit and he wears them often they are a bit tight.  So this time I went with the 2T for my 14month old and I am much happier with how they fit him.  Not too much to say about them since I just followed the pattern as is with no modifications other than skipping the back pockets.


This was my first time working with plaid fabric and even though I spent way more time than I would like to admit they don`t line up perfectly.  Frustrating!

To go with the shorts I made Dax a tank using this pattern.  It was recently on sale for $1 and gave me a perfect excuse to try sewing some knits.

IMG_6114 IMG_6115

This was my second attempt at sewing with knits and it went okay but I am having trouble figuring out which stitch and settings I need to use to get a really good stretch stitch.  My kids have really big heads and the neck on this shirt barely fits over Dax`s head and on my first tank the neck stitches popped.  I ended up just leaving all the edges unfinished and will continue to experiment on some new knit projects until I can figure out what is going to work best.


Next up are a couple pairs of shorts using Dana`s new pattern.  One is finished and hoping to finish the second pair tonight, so will be back to share those soon!

(Sorry for the less than amazing pictures, trying to photographer a one year old is challenging!)


Monster Birthday Party

This past week our little man Dax turned 1!  Not quite sure how that happened so quickly!  To celebrate we threw him a monster themed first birthday party.  I had so much fun planning this one out and getting everything ready.  This is the most crafty I have gotten for a birthday so far and I love how it turned out.  I apologize for the picture heavy post 🙂

My favourite thing that I made for the birthday boy is this custom birthday onsie.  I used a store bought onsie and used freezer paper and acrylic paint mixed with a fabric medium to make it.  I used this tutorial.


Birthday boy not looking too impressed. He had a cold and was not feeling very good for his birthday

Long before I knew what the theme of Daxton’s birthday was going to be I knew I wanted to make a flag pennant banner using chalk board fabric.  There are a million tutorials out there for pennant banners and the addition I made was I cut out circles of chalk board fabric which I sewed on one side.  For the flags I used fat quarters from Joanns using our colours of red, orange, bright blue, and lime green.  I loved how it turned out and that it can be reused in the future.

IMG_5683 IMG_5684

To go with the colour theme I also made some tissue paper puffs and tissue paper fans.  To go with the monster theme I added paper eyes to the fans to make them look like monsters.  I used this tutorial for the fans.


I also turned some balloons into monsters by adding some faces to them.

IMG_5681 IMG_5679

I also made Daxton some monster cupcakes.  To make my super simple monster cupcakes I used the grass piping tip to pipe hair onto the cupcakes and then made cakepop eyes to stick out the top.  Out of pure laziness and not wanting to make more cake pops, some of the cupcakes just got eyes and a mouth using black gel icing.

IMG_5719 IMG_5716

Simple party but I love how it all came together!


And now some photos of the birthday boy enjoying his party!


Dax supervising Finnley opening his presents



More interested in the paper than the toys


He loved this singing card


Mmm train tracks!


First time trying cake


Think he likes it?


Getting ready to run


He kept trying to walk away with his cupcake. There was orange icing everywhere


Running from mommy and daddy


Tired after a busy party


Nap time with papa


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The Details Are In The Shorts

So it is week three for Project Run and Play and this weeks theme is “It ‘s All In The Details”.  Originally I had no intention of sewing along but contributing last week ended up being way more fun than I thought it would be.  Since I am so new to sewing and don’t have experience with lots of the little details that can be added like piping or embroidery, I tried to think about what details I love on clothes.  My first thought was buttons, I love buttons!  So I started searching for ideas and found this tutorial for a pair of shorts by none other than Shwin and Shwin that used a pattern that I already had, the Nowwhere Man Pants.  And that led to some adorable shorts for Finnley and Daxton!

IMG_5293 IMG_5357

I decided to use pieces from the original pattern and some of the details from the tutorial, combined with a few of my own ideas to use one pattern to make two different pairs of shorts.  This ended up being a fun project because even though the details that make each pair of shorts different are not immediately obvious, it was my first time modifying a pattern and adding a little bit of myself.

For Dax’s shorts I decided to use some black and white seersucker that I already had in my rapidly growing stash.  When I was shopping for fabric for my Chevron Sweetheart dress, I picked up a fat quarter of this to use for some contrast.  I stuck with the curved pockets from the pattern to show more of the contrast fabric.   I also used the contrast fabric to make button tabs for each leg to “hold up” a cuff.  His shorts also feature a faux fly and an overlapping waistband.  The final detail I added to his shorts was black piping on both the front and back pockets.

IMG_5368 IMG_5374

The one issue I had with Dax’s shorts was that when I sewed in the faux fly I didn’t sew along the original seam, which added extra fabric to the front of the shorts.  Otherwise I am super happy with them!


For Finnley’s shorts I ended up going with a red stretch poplin with white accents.  After my issues with the faux fly I skipped it on Finnley’s shorts but still added the overlapping waistband.  For the front pockets I went with a straight pocket and added some white button tabs.  For the back pockets I went for a faux pocket by adding some flaps with white top stitching and buttons to hold them down.  I also added some button tabs to the bottom of her shorts and a cuffed hem.

IMG_5324 IMG_5321

The red fabric was picked to match her Lucy top (blogged about here).  Looks adorable but hides some of the little details.


And one last picture.


Attempting to get a photo together.

This ended up being a fun project and resulted in some very practical and adorable shorts for my kiddos.  Now I just need to decide what to make next!


Gramps Cardigan

There have been a lot of babies arriving in the last year.  And I do mean A LOT!  Which is fun and fantastic but last January, when I was anticipating the arrival of 11 babies in a three month stretch (both friends and family), I had not a clue what to do about baby gifts.  That was a lot to manage on a postdoc salary!  I knew that the parents of all of these babies would understand and be fine with nothing more than a visit from their “Auntie” Sara but I still wanted to celebrate their arrival in some way.  This is a long way of saying that I decided I should learn how to knit!  It didn’t seem at all unreasonable to learn how to knit and to make 11 gifts in a couple of months!  And it turns out that as ambitious as this plan was, it was possible!  With the help of youtube and tutorials available on this fantastic website, I quickly cast on my first project (the obligatory garter stitch scarf in a truly appalling shade of green) and I did mange to make 11 sets of baby socks with matching hats… albeit not all on time!  This was the start of my love affair with yarn, knitting and all things fibre-related.  My knitting needles and I have since had a very fun and prolific year!

Available to feed the addiction of all fibre fiends is Ravelry.  Sigh.  Ravelry.  Now this a place to get lost!  I spent many an hour perusing patterns and projects on this site while I was thinking about knitting and seeing this project made up my mind!  I had to knit this sweater …  which meant that I had to learn how to knit!  It took me a few months to gain the skills (aka the confidence) to cast this one on but a visit to meet my adorable nephew Daxton at Christmas was the perfect excuse.  Since the colourway that Thao713 chose was much of what I loved about her project, I ordered the Madeline Tosh yarn in Grasshopper (how fun is that name?!) from in Georgia and cast this on within an hour of this yarn arriving at my door!  Of no surprise to anyone who knows me, this was not done in time for my trip to Vancouver!  In fact, I think I finished knitting this on Christmas Day!

IMG_5171   Dax standing 3 (medium)

This is, by far, my favourite finished project to date!  I love it as much as I thought I would and Dax is adorable in it!  Though he is always adorable.  This is one happy baby, folks!

Dax clapping 22  IMG_5088

I wanted this to fit Daxton for awhile so I made it a bit big for him but judging from the pictures above (taken yesterday by his very obliging parents) he is growing into it quickly!  I hope he gets another season out of this!


Hugs from big sister (in her Christmas sweater… to be saved for another post)

finnley kisses Dax (medium)

Sibling love!

This is the Gramps Cardigan by Kate Oates.  I did make a few modifications to the pattern based on comments that other people had made in their project notes.  I made it longer than suggested with the hope that Dax could wear it for a couple of years.  I also made the sleeves slightly wider than suggested.  You can find my project notes here.


Cause I can’t resist pictures of these two…!



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