Peachy Keen Bubble Pocket Shorts

So excited to share my newest project, some shorts for Finnley!  This project was a bunch of firsts for me and I love how everything came together.


These shorts are made from Elephants and Elegance Bubble Pocket Shorts pattern and I initially resisted purchasing this pattern, although looking at this cuteness I am not sure why!  Would definitely recommend this pattern to anyone with little girls to sew for.  The pattern directions were so easy to follow and the construction came together in just one evening.  The steps leading up to sewing were a bit more time consuming but totally worth it in the end.  I knew that I wanted to make the shorts out of coloured eyelet but my selection was super limited so what I ended up with was some white paisley eyelet.  White and a toddler are not a good mix so I decided to try dying my own fabric.  What I ended up using was a combination of red and orange dye so that my finished product was something in the peach family.  Pretty successful I think!  I used white quilting cotton for the inside of the shorts but kept it in the dye for about 10 minutes longer so I would have a darker colour which would be visible through the eyelet.  I cut all the pattern pieces out twice, once in the eyelet and once in the cotton and then underlined all the eyelet pieces.


The extra seams down the front and back of the shorts just scream for piping and I decided to try my hand at making my own.  I used the same fabric that I used for the underlining to make the piping.  So simple to do, but such a great detail.

IMG_5935 IMG_5938

The pattern calls for a contrasting waistband but I was hoping to just use my underlining.  Unfortunately the piping used up the last of my fabric so I ended up using some blue and white chevron scraps I had in my stash from this project.  Not my first choice but I do like the contrast with the peach shorts.


And best of all, Finnley loves the shorts and keeps telling me how much she likes the big pockets.


IMG_5946 IMG_5934

Thanks to the ladies from FrancesSuzanne for Flip this Pattern and giving me one more reason for deciding I needed to purchase this pattern.