a Graphic Belcarra

2014-05-29 19.11.52

Some slightly unfortunate pattern placement…!

What’s this? A sewing post? I will say that after the Albion, my sewing machine and I needed a bit of a break from each other. Or a longish one as it turns out. Nevertheless, I have been dipping back in of late and have a few simple projects to share. Up first is my inaugural Belcarra blouse from Sewaholic.

2014-05-29 19.10.21

I made this one using a graphic silk/cotton blend that I bought at a fabricland sale long, long ago.  It is fairly delicious against the skin! Light and airy and positively perfect for the humid heat to come! I opted to mix and match the versions to get the details that I love. I’ve used the pleated sleeves from view B and the wider cuffs from view c.

2014-05-29 19.10.33

I realize that the print is busy and that the pintucks get a bit lost amid it all but this is the detail that sold me on this pattern so I couldn’t skip them! And you would be surprised at how often people comment on this feature so apparently they are not lost at all.

I was worried about the wide neck on this from the very beginning and have no idea why I didn’t take it in… especially given my narrow shoulders! Indeed, the neck is wide.  Almost unwearably so.  Oh well…  a little slippage is not going to stop me. However, I will be bringing the neck in substantially on the next version and to make that nice and easy, this little alteration was covered in their recent sewalong.

2014-05-29 19.12.02“Maybe if I stand really still, the neckline will stay put!”

My only pattern alteration this time around was to add a curved hem. I’m a fan of this finish as it allows me to accomodate my generous hips without wearing a tent! I made the shirt according to my measurement but I do find it a little too large so next time around I will be going down a size in addition to taking in the neck. Maybe in a solid so that those pintucks can really shine! And I should have shortened by bias tape for the neckline a bit as that would have helped it lay flat. As it is now, it tends to flip up a little. What can I say…  it was late and I was lazy!

And that about covers it. A quick and extremely wearable make! Another pattern win by Sewaholic! Any of you interested in giving this pattern a try?



12 thoughts on “a Graphic Belcarra

  1. I love the idea of the curved hem for the hip room. Mind you, I never do it because (and maybe this is more fiction than anything else) I feel it calls attention to a stomach that isn’t flat (my scene).

  2. Nice! I didn’t realize the pattern had this variation with the pintucks. I like them even in this busy print. And I agree completely with you about the curved hem.

    • Love the pintucks! The neckline was so obscenely wide on this that I planned to avoid the pattern all together. Then I started seeing versions on blogs that had the pintucks and I totally folded!

  3. I bought this pattern a few weeks ago but have not yet so much as taped it together. Maybe I’ll add that to my weekend to-do list, though, since a breezy basic is exactly what my summer work wardrobe needs. I’m a total beginner (as you know) – think I can handle this?

    • Yay! This will look great on you! It’s a super simple pattern that you should have no problems with. I wasn’t a fan of their binding method for the neckline but you know other methods of how to do this should you also dislike the one provided. And the bias edge on the raglan sleeves can be a bit finicky (this drove my sister nuts). I just stay stitched those as well as the neckline and didn’t really have a problem.

  4. I was tempted by this pattern, but I’m holding off for now – I have plenty of projects to keep me busy! I really like how you combined the elements of each view to make it your own. Ah, the joys of sewing one’s own clothes!

  5. I really like the pleated detail. It looks fantastic and I don’t think it gets lost, at least not up close. The cotton silk blend sounds delicious. Is it less fiddly than a straight silk?

    • Thanks Michelle! I think the pintucks totally make this blouse… otherwise it’s just not that special. The fabric is delicious but it was super finicky! The only 100% silk fabrics I have used are dupioni and crepe de chine and both are a delight to work with because they have so much texture. I used a quilters faux starch product on the bias tape for the neckline (I had to piece mine as I was short on fabric) or I really would have gone nuts! Worth it though! Despite the annoying neckline and large size, this has already been on regular rotation!

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