My Late Latte Cardigan

2014-03-29 17.23.41

Back again with another sweater!  I did warn you that I was playing catch-up on the knitting front!  Unlike Kara, this cardigan is actually a recent stash-busting make. My knitting goals for the year (described here) were simple. No more yarn! And, for at second at least, I also vowed No more patterns! Sadly, that pesky Siren called Brooklyn Tweed quickly shot that second vow down! I’m not feeling too badly about it though as I’m pretty sure that Jared Flood and his gang can do that to the most resolute among us!  Anyway, this cardigan did use both a pattern and yarn that I’ve had for awhile.

2014-03-29 17.24.17

We take a break for some photo silliness.  My friend Anne was taking the pictures as I tend to be a bit *ahem* stiff in photos so it’s always best if I am comfortable with the person taking them. Hopefully without an audience! However, at some point I looked over and realized that her roommate Roland had joined us and my reaction was pretty funny.
2014-03-29 17.24.16

2014-03-29 17.24.14

Some hand knit socks along for the ride!

But I digress. This is Slanted Sleeven from Ankestrick Patterns (my Ravelry notes are here). There were elements of the design that caught my attention straight off (the ribbed waist shaping and the contiguous shoulder construction to start) but I wasn’t really interested in knitting it until I saw this version from fellow Torontonian, Tammy (while you’re there you should take a look at her project page.  Her work is frickin’ amazing!). One look at the actual pattern though and all thoughts of making this were shot down.  Way, way down! I do NOT enjoy how this pattern is written as I find it awkward and cumbersome to get through. Don’t get me wrong. Everything you need to make this sweater is in there and I found no mistakes. It just wasn’t my favourite. My gauge was also way off, which was just another deterrent.

2014-03-29 17.25.02

Eventually I decided that I could use a simple wardrobe staple so out the pattern came.  The yarn I opted to use was Woodland by Classic Elite Yarns.  Once again, this was my first time working with it and it was certainly interesting! It’s a nettle/wool mix that felt a wee toothy to work with but other projects on Ravelry assured me that it would soften considerably with washing. I haven’t found that to be the case, but my tolerance for yarn with a little bite has gone way up since I started knitting and this one is not a problem. I also find the fabric it makes is a little stiff but I suspect that will change with wear. I wanted this make to have a good amount of positive ease but I think it’s safe to say that I went a bit overboard. Oh well! It’s comfy and I reach for it often… even with the single elbow patch (will get to that in a second)!

2014-03-29 17.25.23

My primary complaint with the pattern itself is the button band. It’s narrow and flimsy and gapes open even on this cardigan where there is absolutely no stress on the front when it’s buttoned up. This is not an unusual problem with buttonbands but it’s one that annoys me more than most. I often solve this using some grosgrain ribbon to stabilize the area (examples of this are here and here), but that wasn’t an option this time around. Anyway, this is something I consider more and more with my pattern choices these days. I started the Channel Cardigan by Jared Flood this weekend and I have high hopes for the button band on this one!

So. Back to the elbow patches. I’m finding this sweater a bit boring so thought that elbow patches might help. Thoughts? I sewed on the one (made from some dark brown ponte that I had lying around) and remain undecided! Opinions on their inclusion or the materials that could be used to make them, colour, etc are most welcome!

OK. Back again soon with the dreaded yellow pullover and OSHIMA (the fastest make in history and the sweater that I have been living in since I finished it)!




18 thoughts on “My Late Latte Cardigan

  1. Yes to the elbow patches! I’ve seen this pattern popping up on Rav a few times, and I really like how you did it with the extra ease. I think the elbow patches will accentuate that slouchy feeling. Love that ribbing at the back waist too!

    • Thanks Chloe! The elbow patches definitely won the popular vote! And I love the colour as well… it’s what sold me on this yarn selection. Functions as a wardrobe staple that goes with lots without just being another brown cardigan. It’s even better IRL as the nettle in this particular yarn gives it a slightly luminous quality!

  2. You are on a roll with the posts! I love this one too (if not as much as the magenta perfection of yesterday’s sweater). And I do think you’re looking very comfortable and gorgeous in your photos.

    • I’m playing catch-up, big time! I make far more than I blog! Again, such an effort to get pictures but my friend Anne obliged me this weekend in exchange for some babysitting services. Since her son is the dream child (happy, adorable and not at all afraid of a good night sleep), I think I got best of this exchange! I’m working on my comfort level with the photo taking and sometimes I get there. Really, I think it comes down to taking a million pictures and your bound to find a few that work!

  3. You look really great in these pics! i caught myself thinking “Oh, I wish I had long hair”, which I haven’t thought since I cut it all off in grade 8! I”m glad you got both sweaters to a wearable level so that they can be enjoyed!

    • Thanks Gillian! I so rarely wear my hair down that every time I see photos like this I am surprised by how long it has gotten! In my mind, I’m still rocking the pixie cut! Not so much I guess but maybe one day soon!

  4. I love the cardi, and the elbow patches are fantastic! They really match the look of your yarn, kinda a cool grandpa vibe.

  5. YES! YES! YES! to elbow patches! I love the look. This sweater looks really cozy and great for layering.Hopefully some grosgrain will help to fix the button band. I had the same complaint, typically.

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