Martha Bubble Dress

I have been doing a ton of pattern testing recently and all of the patterns except one have been released (one quite awhile ago now) so I plan on sharing them over the next few weeks.  To start I am going to go all the way back to December when I had the chance to test the Martha Bubble dress by Shwin Designs.  This adorable dress is a wrap dress that features a bubble skirt and a sash closure.


For Finnley’s dress I used a quilting cotton for the bodice, shirting for the skirt, and lined it with a light pink voile.  I also used the voile to make the tie.

Dressback Dressfront

I am really happy with how this dress turned out.  The only problem I had and need to fix at some point is the sash and the way it attaches to the bodice.  I put it at the bottom of the bodice so when it was wrapped about it would lie right between the bodice and skirt, but this makes the top of the bodice flip out a bit.  Will probably go and make a wider sash which should help take care of that.  The only other problem is the fact that the skirt is extremely wrinkled.  It has been sitting in a pile with a bunch of WIP’s since December, which also means it hasn’t been worn yet.  Need to find an occasion for Finnley to finally wear this dress. And I need to stop being so lazy and iron my finished projects!


I love this scallop fabric I used for the bodice!  If you look carefully on the left side of the picture you can clearly see the issues I am having with my bodice.

Originally Finnley was going to wear this dress on Christmas Eve, but our plans changed and we didn’t have need for a fancy dress such as this one.  Because she was going to wear it in December I made a cardigan that she could wear over it and not freeze.  For the cardigan I used the slouchy cardigan from Heidi and Finn.

IMG_7405 Cardigan back

This was my first time sewing a Heidi and Finn pattern and it came together super easily.  My only complaint was that there wasn’t more specific fabric requirements depending on which size you sewed and I ended up buying more than was actually necessary.  In terms of  construction, the only step that was difficult was attaching the sleeve cuffs.  It was extremely challenging to stretch and sew around those little things, but it ended up working in the end.

And to end some pictures of my daughter dancing.  Put this girl in front of a camera and I guarantee the dance moves will come out.  And if you look carefully in a few of the pictures you will see her Minnie Mouse microphone. This girl loves to perform!

Dancing Dancing2



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