Portside Travel Set

Since I finally put the finishing touches on my husband’s Christmas present (only took me til the middle of January) and I can share it with you all.  I initially hand stitched the lining too close to the zipper and it kept getting caught so I took that out and redid it and now it can be used!  Sara and I purchased the Portside travel set from Grainline Studio when it first came out, but neither of us got around to touching it until it came time for Christmas presents.  Sara made a couple of the dopp kits for a few of her friends and I decided to make the whole set for my husband.  Every time we go somewhere that doesn’t require a lot of packing we pull out an old duffle bag that is falling apart and he has mentioned more than once that we should replace it, so this seemed like a perfect fit.



For all 3 pieces I used twill for the outer and a quilting cotton for the lining.  The black twill is quite a bit thicker than the blue and makes for a floppy bag.  If I make this bag again I will definitely pay more attention to the fabric thickness and use something that will hold its shape better.  Another change I will make with this bag if I make it again will be to add a pocket or two to the inside of the bag to make it a bit easier to keep some of the smaller items organized.


This was my first foray into bag making and there were parts that I found a bit confusing and challenging.  The duffle bag came together fairly easily although it started with some confusion when I could not find the marking for lining up the webbing.  Easy enough to figure out though.  The only other part of the bag I found confusing was attaching the bottom, especially around the corners, but thankfully Sara came to the rescue and sent me some pictures from her dopp bag that made it a lot easier for me to understand what to do.



Sara also came to the rescue when it came to sourcing and purchasing the hardware and webbing for me.  I live about 45 minutes outside of Vancouver so could have found it if I trekked into the city, but Sara has a store close to her so she was kind enough to pick it up and mail it to me.



The dopp kit is the piece that caused me the most frustration.  Trying to attach the top of the bag to the sides was torture and no amount of stretching and clipping the curve let me get a nice clean finish.  There are a few puckers that drive me nuts, but otherwise I am pretty happy with the final product.


The only change I made to the dopp kit was to add a lining to the outer pocket so there was no exposed zipper.


The zipper pouch took almost no time to complete and should come in handy for odds and ends when packing.


My husband was kind enough to let me take a few photos with him in them.  This helps give some perspective to just how big this bag really is.  Much bigger than I was expecting, but will make it super useful.

IMG_7294 IMG_7288

Although there were a few hiccups along the way, which I will attribute to inexperience, I am super happy with the final look of all 3 pieces and think it will make a great gift for others in the future.



6 thoughts on “Portside Travel Set

  1. These look great, and how stylish to have a matching travel set! Sara had mentioned that the DOP set gave her a bit of a headache as well – good to know if I ever venture into this make.

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