Lucille Top

You only have to look through some of my previous makes to see how much I enjoy the patterns from Shwin and Shwin so you can only imagine how excited I was when I got the chance to become a pattern tester for her.  Shauna recently released 2 brand new patterns, the Lucille top and the Martha bubble dress, and I tested both of them.  Today I am going to share my Lucille top and I will be back later this week or early next week with the Martha bubble dress.

The Lucille top is a raglan sleeve, colour blocked top with some fun angles which makes it different than any other pattern I have seen.


The colour blocking lets you have some fun with mixing prints and for this version I used some floral scraps with some red french terry.


The front and back are angled down to make a v


and the sleeves are angled in the opposite direction and point up.  The sleeves also feature two small pleats where they attach to the bodice on both the front and the back but you really can’t see them on the fabric I picked.

IMG_7008 IMG_7016

The sleeves are super tapered at the wrist, and although I love the look of them, this made it super difficult to hem them.  Trying the wrestle those suckers with my sewing machine was a struggle and my stitches are not nearly as straight as I would like.  Looking at the final pattern it looks like she added the option to use a cuff to hem them which should make them easier to work with.


Taking these photos was crazy challenging.  I have been playing around with the setting on my camera and trying to learn how to use it to get some better quality photos (which I obviously have not quite figured out) and the first set I took ended up being super overexposed.  Trying a second time was asking a bit much especially when your one year old tags along.  So we ended up with lots of funny faces as seen above.


And lots of them had little glimpses of this little man as he was playing and distracting his big sister.

Overall this pattern was really easy to sew and the directions were easy to follow.  Finnley has asked to wear this multiple times in the last few weeks which means it was definitely a success.  I foresee another one in our near future.  But first I need to start and finish my holiday sewing list.  It is December 2 and I still haven’t even started!

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