Cold, cold Coppélia

cold frontBack again!  I’d like to blame the length of time between posts on my continuing picture taking dilemma but in reality, I just haven’t had much time for knitting or sewing lately.  My Sewaholic Minoru has been in progress for over a month!  These days when I do have time to sew, I’m turning to the instant gratification projects…  KNITS!  Gillian, I do think your love of knits is contagious!  So, onwards with some thoughts on the Coppélia wrap from Papercut Patterns.

monkey arms

Monkey arms?

I feel like I should add a quick disclaimer before you get into the pictures!  It’s the end of November in Toronto, people.  Meaning it’s COLD!!!  I really, really need to solve my indoor photo shoot problems ASAP as I don’t think I will be doing any more of these outside!  The rooftop garden at work that is my usual photo taking spot is even locked up and inaccessible during the winter!  In the five years that I have worked here, I had no idea that you couldn’t go up all year.  Why did I not know this?  Cause in five years, I have never been tempted to visit the garden cause it’s COLD!  So…  you’re going to see some funny faces and awkward poses and I am absolutely blaming the cold.  Nothing at all to do my awkward self in front of a camera…!

cold but trying to smile

Trying to smile while shivering…

Back to the pattern.  All is all, I think I really like this make!  Let’s start with the small changes I did make, shall we.  I added two inches of length to the body.  Sadly, this was a last minute change so instead of properly modifying the pattern as Lauren did, I just added two inches to the bottom when I was cutting it.  Big mistake!  The bottom band and the neck band need to meet at the bottom corner of each front piece so the small “side” needs to be the length it is drafted as.  Make sense?  Not at all!  But it will if you are making this!  To fix this, I pulled out my French curve and cut out a bit from the curved neckline so it was no big deal.  The moral of this story is that do as Lauren did to lengthen the pattern and don’t be lazy as I was!

normal 1 normal 2

The other problem I encountered with my last minute change was that I didn’t quite have enough fabric!  This meant I had to shorten the sleeves by two inches (which turned out perfectly so yay!).  It also meant that I couldn’t cut the bottom band out in two pieces as recommended.  I solved this by cutting three pieces and stitching them together.  Seemed fine until I first tried this on and saw the lovely seam that is front and centre on the bottom band!  Fortunately, that seems to be hidden by the bow when the wrap is tied!  Unfortunately, it means this wrap needs to be tied at the front and not off to the side as I might prefer under normal circumstances.  Not a huge deal in any case.

looking back looking down

The other small change I made was to sew on the neckband as Lauren described.  I started at the centre back and just stretched the neck band as I attached it to the body of the cardigan.  Sewing it on this way meant that I had an extra 3 inches on either end!  Keep in mind that I added the two inches of length to the cardigan without adding any additional length to the neckband pieces.  This leaves things looking slightly puckered when it’s laying down on a flat surface but it helped keep the neck gappage to a minimum.  I still find the neckline gapes a little so I can easily imagine how terrible the fit would be had I not done this!  Overall, the fit of this is arguably not perfect but in a casual layering piece like this, I just don’t care!

back hunched

Cold! Hunched shoulders!

So, will I made this again?  Absolutely!  In fact, I have two versions planned right away!  I have a lovely wool jersey that I am going to use to make another wrap version.  I’m planning on adding an additional two inches in length as I still find this one a little on the short side.  I’m also going to cut the shoulders and bust in a smaller size.  Again, the extra space in this one doesn’t bother me but I think I would prefer a slightly closer fit up top.  I also have some blue jersey that I am going to use to make a pullover…  yes, very much like this awesome one that Rachel made this month!

stupid face

Anne said “Do something!”. And so I did….

extra chins

And then I decided that I should be generous and let you see more chins!

So, what do you think?  Tempted to give this pattern a try?  I say do!  And if you need a bit more convincing then check out these versions (this, this and this!).



7 thoughts on “Cold, cold Coppélia

  1. Oh, super cute! All those little errors you mention with the length of the neckband and the center seam of the tie are not visible from here so I’m sure they are only visible to you. The next two versions you mention sounds great so I’m sure you’ll be able to make it even better next time around. Also, your photos are cracking me up!

    • Thanks, Andrea! I’ve worn this one a few times already so I think it’s a winner… despite the imperfections and irritating gape-y neck! We always see our own mistakes in the stuff we make, no? I finished up the wool jersey one yesterday (added one more inch to the length than this version and was stuck with 3/4 length sleeves because I ran short in the fabric department! Also make the ties longer so that I’m not stuck with a front and centre bow. Will see if I love it as much!). As for the photos, when I’m uncomfortable, I tend to turn to the goof within!

  2. This is one of those styles that doesn’t work on my body, but I love it on everyone else. This is so cute! And the next one in wool jersey sounds really yummy. Thanks for braving the cold to show us this make!

    • Thanks, Gail. I have a hard time imagining that there is any style you can’t make work but I’ll take your word for it! I’m still not sure I’m in love with the cropped aspect of this cardigan but I do love a good wrap! I made the wool jersey one yesterday and I added one more inch to the length (was all I could manage with the amount of fabric that I had available). Will have to see how I like it but the wool jersey itself is indeed very yummy!

  3. I think it looks great! I’ve made the Cake wrap top that is similar, but I can only seem to wear it wrapped tightly. I like how yours could be wrapped snuggly or in a more casual loose way! Nice work!

    • Thanks! And I love your Cake wrap! Looks great with the Mission Maxi! This one is actually wrapped as tight as I can manage to minimize the neck gape… am not sure that I could wear it any looser. But even wrapped tight, it still feels pretty comfy! As you saw on Saturday, I’m wearing this so all in all, I’d say it’s a winner!

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