Desmond and Jude

I have had this post half done for over a week now and have been procrastinating like crazy instead of just finishing it.  And these projects have been finished for even longer than that!  Anyways, I recently got the chance to sew up a couple of jackets for the kids using a couple patterns from Shwin and Shwin, the Desmond and the Jude jacket.

First up is the Desmond.  I am in love with Daxton’s new jacket!  For his jacket I used a fine wale gray corduroy that I lined with flannel to make it a bit warmer.  I sewed up the 2T hoping that it would fit with some room to grow.  The fit is the one thing that I am not super happy with.  I find it to be a bit boxy and the next time I sew up the pattern I will pick a smaller body size but use the longer length to make it a bit more slim fitting.


This pattern has some great details that elevate the pattern and result in a very professional looking finished product.  The jacket is fully lined so the inside is just as neat as the outside and is a great way to add a little bit of personalization.  Don’t you just love this car flannel from Riley Blake Designs for a boy?!


The jacket also features welt pockets and sleeve cuffs.  This was my second time sewing welt pockets and I am super happy with how they turned out.

IMG_6872 IMG_6871

And although it is a bit difficult to see in this photo I think my favourite detail is the back yoke and button tab.  Overall I am just super happy with how this project turned out!


Next up is the Jude jacket for Finnley.  I am going to be honest and say that I really am not happy with how this jacket turned out.  It is not fault of the pattern (take a look at the pattern pictures and you will see that the jacket is adorable), but rather some poor fabric choices and picking a size that is just too big for Finnley.  I am not sure why I decided to pick this shade of fleece for the jacket, especially for Finnley who would live in pink if given the choice, and I wish I had picked something a bit more feminine.  And why did I pick a contrast fabric with a black background?  Oh well, they can’t all be winners!


The pattern does have a few details that I love, such as the collar.


And the button tabs on the sleeves.


Will just have to give this jacket another try is some different fabric and see how it turns out!



10 thoughts on “Desmond and Jude

  1. I love Daxton’s jacket and Finnley’s is pretty cute also. I agree that you have very stylish children and they are also adorable, but I am very prejudiced. Mom

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