Well, I am officially posting the blog equivalent of filler today!  I made this Banksia blouse months ago, took photos last month and have done nothing with it since…  I feel so meh about the whole thing and since there are so many awesome versions of this blouse already online, I didn’t think that anyone needed to see this!  But after a month of silence (sorry for the blog slacking, Bits) I’m going for it.  Yet, even as I sit here I find I have nothing to say about it!

banksia 1

It’s a Megan Nielsen pattern so of course it was a delight to make.  Megan has a ton of online resources for this one, and her posts on different techniques for making the button placket (here and here) are worth a read, whether you are making this pattern or not.  I *obviously* opted for a collarless version this time around.  I do love the giant collar and I have plans to go back and make a version with it but this fabric was so underwhelming that I just didn’t feel like it.  The blouse is quite large on me so if you do plan on making this one then just know that there is quite a bit of ease built into it.  It’s also stupid long on me!  I shortened it by a couple of inches but still can’t wear it untucked without looking like I’m playing dress up!  The darts on this were also awful on me but since I didn’t make a muslin (bad, lazy sewcialist!), I did a pretty half-assed job fixing them here.  The drapey viscose fabric saved the day on this one!  I had the same problems with the bust darts on my darling ranges dress so I should have known better then to skip the muslin.

banksia 2

I probably sound like I hate this make but I actually wear it quite a bit.  I really love the neckline and the length of the sleeves and the fabric is a total dream!  So with a few more modifications, I think that Banksia could be a real wardrobe staple for me.

banksia funny face

The obligatory awkward blog photo!

As for blog silence…  I have been sewing and knitting up a storm!  Admittedly, mostly knitting.  I don’t know if it’s just the time of year but all I want to do is knit, knit, KNIT!  On my couch!  With a soft blanket, cozy kitties and a hot coffee!  Anyway, I have a lot of finished projects to share but getting photos is such a trial for me!  My tripod is sitting in Bitty’s storage room several thousand kilometres away (good news for Bitty but bad news for me!) and I have no useful surfaces in my apartment on which to set down a camera to take a photo.  I also live right downtown in Toronto so am reluctant to find a fence or picnic table to act as my tripod…  I have images of my camera running away from me!  Friends at work have been awesome and accommodating on this but it’s work…  can be hard to take the time to go and take blog photos.  So…  this remains a dilemma.  Should any of my TO blog friends ever feel like trading photo duties then just let me know!

Will hopefully be back soon with a more read-worthy make!  In the meantime, if you need to be reminded of how amazing the Banksia pattern can be then go check out these lovely ladies.  There is this lovely chambray version by Juli, this kickass flannel version by Gingermakes (that may have officially inspired me for Grunge November) and this lovely version by Sophie.



7 thoughts on “Banksia

  1. I quite like your version, as I’m not a fan of the huge collar! Also: Yay for knitting! It’s a very rainy, ugly day here, and that is exactly what I’m getting ready to do!

    • Thanks Gail! I hated the giant collar when I first came across the pattern but then I saw some bloggers layering the Banksia with Briar and I loved how the collar looked when styled this way! Thus, the plan for a version with a full collar. One day. Maybe…! In the meantime, I have had zero time to set up and sew so I have been happily knitting away when I can manage a few minutes. Yet one more reason that I love knitting… portable and easy to pull out and work for only a few minutes!

  2. I think it looks really nice on you! The fabric drapes well, and the buttons are a cute contrast!
    Oh, and if you want photos taken, bring stuff to Guelph! next weekend!

    • Thanks Gillian! The fabric does drape nicely (made it a bit of a bitch to sew that placket!). I also love the buttons, which is is handy as they were all I had on hand! I need to stock up on basics like buttons as I tend to buy them only with a specific project in mind so have no back-ups.

  3. After the first few lines I thought you would say the top had gone to Goodwill but I’m glad to hear it hasn’t and that you wear it lots because I think it’s super cute and it looks great on you. I so hear you about the knitting: I’ve been knitting and hand quilting (read: many layers of warm batting on my lap feel good and cozy) like it’s nobody’s business. And, I’ll happily act as your photographer, just let me know when and where. I mean it!

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