Victoria in all her 80’s glory…

I’m back!  And so quickly that I don’t have to apologize!  Project Sewn prompted the quick post as they are hosting an Era challenge.  I’m not sure that we can call the 80’s an Era but I can’t put this Blazer on without feeling like some cross between Don Johnson of the Miami Vice fame and Duran Duran.  So I’m linking it up in all of its 80’s glory!  With no further ado…  the By Hand London Victoria Blazer!


My instagram and twitter friends know that this one has been done for awhile now but it’s been sitting in my closet with the bottom hem gaping open as I contemplated the boxy shape.  To keep it as is or to add some shaping…  in the end, Jen of Grainline Studio decided this for me when she posted a sample picture of her upcoming Morris Blazer (cannot wait for this pattern!). That one will be a more flattering shape so I decided to leave Victoria as she was intended… boxy (!) but not completely shapeless.  And honestly, I love her for it!

back pockets

I made this using the Robert Kaufman yarn-dyed Essex linen in denim blue.  It’s a linen cotton blend but is surprisingly scratchy when worn.  Anyway, I lined the body with some fun polyester that feels so lovely and smooth that I wish I had gone ahead and lined the sleeves.  Alas, too late for that now!  To keep it from being too boring, I used some dark blue linen from my stash to make the contrast collar and cuffs.  This linen has considerably less body than the Essex linen so I underlined the collar with the same fabric.  Seems to have done the trick!

holding out sideThe pattern has you leave the lining and the body of the jacket detached at the armholes and the lining isn’t understitched at all.  The result of this for me was a lining that was out of control and easily popped out to the front.  Since I didn’t pick the most neutral lining, I decided to tame it as best I could.  To do this I edge stitched around the collar to tack the lining down a bit better.  I also attached it to the jacket at the armholes using some commercial bias tape.  I find the lining is still readily visible (loose blazer and all that) but is at least staying where it belongs!


This Blazer bring out all manner of cheesiness…

looking at you

It also looks a hell of a lot less ridiculous on my tall German friends!

AnneWhen this pattern was first released, I had zero intention of making it.  As I have said before, boxy is not the look for me!  But in keeping with Amy’s tradition, I’m going to highlight a few awesome versions of Victoria that changed my mind.  Rachel of The House of Pinheiro in her rocking MC Hammer jacket, Zosews cool khaki and watermelon version, and this seriously badass leather version by Kim.

Anyone else hesitant to try this boxy Blazer?

Happy sewing!


23 thoughts on “Victoria in all her 80’s glory…

  1. I think you did a great job on it! Love the lining. I know what you mean about boxy. For me, I prefer a more fitted shape, esp. because I am rectangular shaped myself, so prefer something with more curves in the shape. But, it does look great on some folks, for sure!

    • Thanks Renee. In this case, I’m going to agree with you as I’m kind of digging the relaxed shape of this jacket. I think I’ll still try and avoid the shape in most patterns though! I also really love the lining but am not crazy with how visible it is in this case as it limits what I can wear under it. Now a blazer with a facing? Bring on the crazy lining fabrics!

  2. Me. I’m hesitant. Boxy and I tend to not go together well. Having said that, this looks good on you! It’s a nice and relaxed blazer and that lining is kick ass. By the way, I’m not in Instagram so I had no clue Jenn was releasing a shaped blazer. Thanks for the heads up!

    • Thanks, Andrea! I think you could pull this shape off with no problems but I more than understand the hesitancy. If my sister had not been adamant about getting this pattern then I would never have given it a try. The new Grainline pattern (patterns if she really is also releasing one for the travel set she was posting) are going to be popular! Though that is no surprise… Jen’s patterns are always well received!0

  3. Thanks for featuring my blazer! I really like yours too 🙂 and I’m also super excited for the new Grainline patterns, have you seen the instagrams for the travel bag collection?

  4. I like it! I made mine from the Kaufmann Essex Linen too, and I was also surprised by how scratchy it is. But I’ve heard the Washer Linen is very luxurious, so I may try that one next time.

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