Ruffled Cardigan

So this make was supposed to be part of week 4 over on Project Run and Play, but unfortunately life got in the way this week and I have just missed the cut off for the link party 😦 Not gonna lie, I am pretty sad I mismanaged my time this week and didn’t get it up. I spent a lot of time planning and sewing this outfit for Finnley. Oh well!

For this week I knew I wanted to play around with some fun pattern matching but add some feminine details so Finnley will want to wear it.


It all started with the cardigan!  To make this I used the Hangout Hoodie from Peek-a-Boo patterns.  I had zero desire to draft a sleeve so picked a pattern that would let me skip that step but would be easy to modify.  To modify the pattern I cut the back as is and for the front I also used the back pattern piece but lowered the curve on the neckline and didn’t cut it on the fold.  I also shortened both the front and the back to have it hit Finnley at her waist.  I then cut 3 long rectangles and 2 smaller ones to make the ruffles and connector pieces.  For a closure I added pearl snaps.  I was worried how this would turn out because the fabric was so much thinner then I was expecting (the one big drawback to ordering fabric online) and I wasn’t sure if it would be able to handle the weight of the ruffles.  I think it actually worked out okay and I am really happy with how it turned out.

IMG_6588 IMG_6592

To play around with the patterns I made Finnley a pair of leggings using a black and white tribal knit.  Leggings were made using a pair of Finnley’s to make my own pattern piece.

To add a pop of colour I used the recess raglan pattern to make a simple t-shirt.  I used some coral knit that I had leftover from a previous unblogged project and paired it with the polka dot fabric.  The right side of the polka dot fabric has a very noticeable sheen to it and the whole time I was sewing the cardigan I was wishing I used the wrong side of the fabric.  The wrong side is a charcoal gray with no shine and I love it.  So for the sleeves I used the wrong side.  I can’t say enough good things about this particular pattern!  Comes together so quickly and the fit is so great!


Thankfully Finnley seems to like it!

IMG_6586 IMG_6604

Next up is some selfish sewing for Project Sewn.  Missed this week but have some plans for weeks 3 and 4.


Linking up with: I Sew Monday // The Train to Crazy


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