Darling Ranges

Is it sad that I have an urge to start every post with apologies for my absence on this blog?  I’m gonna refrain despite the fact that it has been an entire month since anyone has heard from me on here.  So on to what is sure to be the first of many… the Darling Ranges dress by Megan Nielsen.

with sweater LR

There are a million and one versions of this on the interwebs but I’m going to follow in the footsteps of Amy here and highlight a few versions that I love.  Amy started doing this a couple of months ago in her blog posts and I have really enjoyed this… have discovered a few new blogs this way.  Anyway, a few Darling Ranges that I love are Karyn’s Liberty of London dress, the many versions by Ping of Peneloping, and this one by Anna of Paunnet.com.

I actually made this dress a couple of months ago (it made a brief appearance at our blogger meet-up in August).  In fact, this is another of my cottage makes.  You may also recognize the fabric as Bitty used the same for her Hawthorn peplum blouse.  Bitty gets all of the credit for finding this fabric!  I loved it when she first sent me a picture of it so when I stumbled across it at a local Fabricland sale, I was all over it!

front 2back

I went with a sleeveless version as I wanted to be able to wear it over the remainder of the summer.  I did nothing fancy here…  just omitted the sleeves and bound the armholes.  I think it worked well!  The dress comes together quickly and effortlessly.  My only gripe (and this has come up before with Megan’s patterns) are the bust darts.  The shape of the dart did not work for me at all!  I’ve altered it slightly here but it could still be improved.  Originally I omitted the ties at the waist as the dress basically fit without them and I hate having a giant lump at my back when I am sitting.  However, the dress is already too big for me so I went back and added the ties and I think they work.  The dress is a tad bunched at the back but it doesn’t bother me.  This is a casual dress in my wardrobe so I tend not to be bothered by the little things!  However, if you are like me and hate having a lump digging into your back when you’re sitting then keep in mind that these ties are long!  You could either reduce the length to reduce the volume or you can do what I do and that’s to bring them all the way to the front and tie them there.  It’s maybe a little less polished then tying them in the back but they annoy me far less this way!

As I mentioned previously, I made this one at the cottage in August and tried to take some pictures.  I believe I mentioned that I was not in a photographing mood so I had a few of my very accommodating friends model it for me.  The lovely J…

J pretty J sky

And the equally lovely (and very good sport!), Dion…  In particular, I think this dress works well with socks, Birkenstocks and boxer shorts!  And the lumberjack look?  Just fucking awesome!  So if you need a versatile and universally flattering dress in your wardrobe then this is the pattern for you!

D stand D lumberjack D stretch

cottage group

winding down from the epic cottage photoshoot…

And that’s about it.  I’ve got a version with sleeves cut out so hopefully I will get to that soon.  Dress-wearing days in Toronto are rapidly coming to a close so I should get right on that!

Back again this weekend with the Victoria Blazer!  Trying to get my backlog of projects done and posted!




11 thoughts on “Darling Ranges

  1. This is so pretty! You always choose just lovely fabrics. Thanks for the mention, it’s a good idea isn’t? It gives people an idea of what you’re into and inspired by. That cottage trip looks pretty wild indeed!

    • Thanks, Amy! I’m often envious of your fabric choices (hello metallic linen Charlotte!) so this is indeed a compliment! And yes, I really enjoy looking at the versions that inspired or that you enjoyed so I’m going to try and remember to include the same in my posts. Since I am blatantly copying you, I’ll probably never stop referring to it as your tradition!

  2. I don’t know that our dress-wearing days are going away any time soon, what with the ridiculously warm weather we’ve been having. Good thing for this dress, it’s so pretty! (And I thought I recognized it!)

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