KCW Failure!

I had such grand plans for KCW, but sadly it just didn’t happen.  Instead I get to keep walking past my sad stack of fabric washed and ready to be cut and my patterns printed and ready to be taped and traced.  I did mange to get 3 projects cut and 2 of those finished so it wasn’t completely wasted.


I knew I had limited time to try and get anything finished before the week was over so I started with a pattern I have already sewn and that I know comes together quickly.  I made Daxton a couple of recess raglan tees.  For the first one I used some white organic knit with some orange mustache fabric from Girl Charlee.  I also cut out a quick mustache which I appliqued to the front of the shirt.



For the second one I used some stripe from Girl Charlee and some black jersey from an old shirt of my own.



My favourite kind of project:  simple, quick, and adorable!


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Sewing for Fall – Minoru and Miette

All week I have been fighting the urge to sew for KCW and it has been a challenge to walk by the pile of fabric and patterns that I have all ready to cut, but instead I managed to get my outfit finished for the final week of Project Sewn.  Originally Sara and I had planned on each sewing an outfit including Minoru, but Sara hasn’t quite finished hers yet. Hopefully she will have it on the blog soon! This week was signature style week and I honestly don’t think I really know what my signature style is.  The last few years I have fallen into the mom rut and have not spent a lot of time or effort on what I wore.  However, I am now working at a job that requires me to be dressed a bit more professionally which has forced me to start putting a little bit more thought into my clothes.  For signature style week I decided to sew something that would work perfectly for fall and be appropriate for errands with the family but that I could also wear to work.


First up I sewed a new jacket for fall but that will also be perfect for spring.  I used the Minoru pattern by Sewaholic and followed the sew-along that Tasia did when the pattern was first released.  I am super happy with how the jacket turned out!  I decided to go view A with the hood since I live in Vancouver and hoods get a lot of use in our rainy weather.  The jacket came together surprisingly easy thanks to the sew-along and aside from a few silly sewing mistakes there were no real issues.  I used a grey twill for the jacket and lined the body with some Robert Kaufmann flannel to make it a bit warmer and the sleeves with bemberg to make it easy to take on and off.  I did make one change to the pattern and eliminated the pockets on the  inside of the jacket and substituted them for inseam pockets using the tutorial Amy from Sew Well made.

IMG_6682 IMG_6665

IMG_6660 IMG_6677

I love the zipper pouch in the collar that lets you put the hood away.  Such a great detail!

Since I have started dressing for my job I find myself wearing a lot of skirts and dresses, but I don’t have very many so I am constantly wearing the same ones each week.  To add to my choices I finally made a Miette.  I have had this pattern printed for quite a few months now with the red linen washed and ready to go, but only just got to it last week.  The skirt came together easily and although I love it on everyone else (see Sara’s version here) I am not sure it is the best shape for me.  I do like it and I am sure it will get lots of wear, just not sure I love it.  What I really don’t like on me is the way the skirt should be tied with the bow in front and instead I have been wrapping it around tying it in the back.

IMG_6684 IMG_6687

And now to see how much of my KCW list I can get through in the next few nights!

And to end the post with my family having some fall fun with the leaves!




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Victoria in all her 80’s glory…

I’m back!  And so quickly that I don’t have to apologize!  Project Sewn prompted the quick post as they are hosting an Era challenge.  I’m not sure that we can call the 80’s an Era but I can’t put this Blazer on without feeling like some cross between Don Johnson of the Miami Vice fame and Duran Duran.  So I’m linking it up in all of its 80’s glory!  With no further ado…  the By Hand London Victoria Blazer!


My instagram and twitter friends know that this one has been done for awhile now but it’s been sitting in my closet with the bottom hem gaping open as I contemplated the boxy shape.  To keep it as is or to add some shaping…  in the end, Jen of Grainline Studio decided this for me when she posted a sample picture of her upcoming Morris Blazer (cannot wait for this pattern!). That one will be a more flattering shape so I decided to leave Victoria as she was intended… boxy (!) but not completely shapeless.  And honestly, I love her for it!

back pockets

I made this using the Robert Kaufman yarn-dyed Essex linen in denim blue.  It’s a linen cotton blend but is surprisingly scratchy when worn.  Anyway, I lined the body with some fun polyester that feels so lovely and smooth that I wish I had gone ahead and lined the sleeves.  Alas, too late for that now!  To keep it from being too boring, I used some dark blue linen from my stash to make the contrast collar and cuffs.  This linen has considerably less body than the Essex linen so I underlined the collar with the same fabric.  Seems to have done the trick!

holding out sideThe pattern has you leave the lining and the body of the jacket detached at the armholes and the lining isn’t understitched at all.  The result of this for me was a lining that was out of control and easily popped out to the front.  Since I didn’t pick the most neutral lining, I decided to tame it as best I could.  To do this I edge stitched around the collar to tack the lining down a bit better.  I also attached it to the jacket at the armholes using some commercial bias tape.  I find the lining is still readily visible (loose blazer and all that) but is at least staying where it belongs!


This Blazer bring out all manner of cheesiness…

looking at you

It also looks a hell of a lot less ridiculous on my tall German friends!

AnneWhen this pattern was first released, I had zero intention of making it.  As I have said before, boxy is not the look for me!  But in keeping with Amy’s tradition, I’m going to highlight a few awesome versions of Victoria that changed my mind.  Rachel of The House of Pinheiro in her rocking MC Hammer jacket, Zosews cool khaki and watermelon version, and this seriously badass leather version by Kim.

Anyone else hesitant to try this boxy Blazer?

Happy sewing!


Darling Ranges

Is it sad that I have an urge to start every post with apologies for my absence on this blog?  I’m gonna refrain despite the fact that it has been an entire month since anyone has heard from me on here.  So on to what is sure to be the first of many… the Darling Ranges dress by Megan Nielsen.

with sweater LR

There are a million and one versions of this on the interwebs but I’m going to follow in the footsteps of Amy here and highlight a few versions that I love.  Amy started doing this a couple of months ago in her blog posts and I have really enjoyed this… have discovered a few new blogs this way.  Anyway, a few Darling Ranges that I love are Karyn’s Liberty of London dress, the many versions by Ping of Peneloping, and this one by Anna of Paunnet.com.

I actually made this dress a couple of months ago (it made a brief appearance at our blogger meet-up in August).  In fact, this is another of my cottage makes.  You may also recognize the fabric as Bitty used the same for her Hawthorn peplum blouse.  Bitty gets all of the credit for finding this fabric!  I loved it when she first sent me a picture of it so when I stumbled across it at a local Fabricland sale, I was all over it!

front 2back

I went with a sleeveless version as I wanted to be able to wear it over the remainder of the summer.  I did nothing fancy here…  just omitted the sleeves and bound the armholes.  I think it worked well!  The dress comes together quickly and effortlessly.  My only gripe (and this has come up before with Megan’s patterns) are the bust darts.  The shape of the dart did not work for me at all!  I’ve altered it slightly here but it could still be improved.  Originally I omitted the ties at the waist as the dress basically fit without them and I hate having a giant lump at my back when I am sitting.  However, the dress is already too big for me so I went back and added the ties and I think they work.  The dress is a tad bunched at the back but it doesn’t bother me.  This is a casual dress in my wardrobe so I tend not to be bothered by the little things!  However, if you are like me and hate having a lump digging into your back when you’re sitting then keep in mind that these ties are long!  You could either reduce the length to reduce the volume or you can do what I do and that’s to bring them all the way to the front and tie them there.  It’s maybe a little less polished then tying them in the back but they annoy me far less this way!

As I mentioned previously, I made this one at the cottage in August and tried to take some pictures.  I believe I mentioned that I was not in a photographing mood so I had a few of my very accommodating friends model it for me.  The lovely J…

J pretty J sky

And the equally lovely (and very good sport!), Dion…  In particular, I think this dress works well with socks, Birkenstocks and boxer shorts!  And the lumberjack look?  Just fucking awesome!  So if you need a versatile and universally flattering dress in your wardrobe then this is the pattern for you!

D stand D lumberjack D stretch

cottage group

winding down from the epic cottage photoshoot…

And that’s about it.  I’ve got a version with sleeves cut out so hopefully I will get to that soon.  Dress-wearing days in Toronto are rapidly coming to a close so I should get right on that!

Back again this weekend with the Victoria Blazer!  Trying to get my backlog of projects done and posted!



Ruffled Cardigan

So this make was supposed to be part of week 4 over on Project Run and Play, but unfortunately life got in the way this week and I have just missed the cut off for the link party 😦 Not gonna lie, I am pretty sad I mismanaged my time this week and didn’t get it up. I spent a lot of time planning and sewing this outfit for Finnley. Oh well!

For this week I knew I wanted to play around with some fun pattern matching but add some feminine details so Finnley will want to wear it.


It all started with the cardigan!  To make this I used the Hangout Hoodie from Peek-a-Boo patterns.  I had zero desire to draft a sleeve so picked a pattern that would let me skip that step but would be easy to modify.  To modify the pattern I cut the back as is and for the front I also used the back pattern piece but lowered the curve on the neckline and didn’t cut it on the fold.  I also shortened both the front and the back to have it hit Finnley at her waist.  I then cut 3 long rectangles and 2 smaller ones to make the ruffles and connector pieces.  For a closure I added pearl snaps.  I was worried how this would turn out because the fabric was so much thinner then I was expecting (the one big drawback to ordering fabric online) and I wasn’t sure if it would be able to handle the weight of the ruffles.  I think it actually worked out okay and I am really happy with how it turned out.

IMG_6588 IMG_6592

To play around with the patterns I made Finnley a pair of leggings using a black and white tribal knit.  Leggings were made using a pair of Finnley’s to make my own pattern piece.

To add a pop of colour I used the recess raglan pattern to make a simple t-shirt.  I used some coral knit that I had leftover from a previous unblogged project and paired it with the polka dot fabric.  The right side of the polka dot fabric has a very noticeable sheen to it and the whole time I was sewing the cardigan I was wishing I used the wrong side of the fabric.  The wrong side is a charcoal gray with no shine and I love it.  So for the sleeves I used the wrong side.  I can’t say enough good things about this particular pattern!  Comes together so quickly and the fit is so great!


Thankfully Finnley seems to like it!

IMG_6586 IMG_6604

Next up is some selfish sewing for Project Sewn.  Missed this week but have some plans for weeks 3 and 4.


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