PR&P – Strawberry Twizzler Inspired

Week 2 at Project Run and Play and this weeks theme is to create an outfit inspired by a candy. When I was initially looking at the themes this was the one week that I wasn’t sure if I was going to participate in. Although the idea is fun I was envisioning outfits that were far too costumey and if I am going to take the time to make my kids something it needs to be practical. Obviously I changed my mind but the idea for this project came from my sister and blogging partner Sara. What I decided to do was a outfit inspired by strawberry Twizzlers.


The inspiration for this started with this adorable strawberry knit fabric from Heather Ross. Originally I had planned on using it to make leggings but apparently I wasn’t thinking correctly when I ordered this fabric and I only order half a yard which was not nearly enough. So then I thought maybe I could make some cropped leggings but it is September and fall is coming so not very practical. Ended up making a T-shirt with it using the recess raglan pattern by See Kate Sew. Cut out the body and went to cut out the sleeves and realized the only way I could squeeze them out of the strawberry fabric was to cut them against the grain which meant a quick trip to my local fabric store for some organic red knit.  To make the most of my strawberry fabric I decided to do the version with the cuffs.


This shirt came together super easily, especially thanks to my brand new serger! The only change I made to the pattern was instead of using ribbing for the neckline I used the strawberry fabric. To neck the neck I used the pattern piece but extended it by 2 inches since it was not as stretchy as ribbing would have been. Worked out pretty well I think!


When you look at a twizzler they have a ridge that twists around the licorice. In order to incorportate that idea into the outfit I decided to make a tiered ruffle skirt using some red voile I had in my stash. I used Dana’s tutorial but unlike last time I lengthened each ruffle layer by half an inch so you would not see the connecting layer.


I am pretty happy with how these pieces turned out. Ended up with a super girly outfit that Finnley will be able to get lots of wear out of.

IMG_6486 IMG_6506

Excited to sew something for my little man for next week!



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