Cottage Cascades

Bitty and I seem to be in a bit of a sewing slump these days.  Also a knitting slump, crafting slump and general life slump!  Thus the blog silence of late.  Fortunately I have very accommodating friends that helped me drag a crap load of sewing supplies up to our cottage vacation in Northern Ontario last week.  Got tons done with pictures of people other than me (YAY!!!!) modelling the finished items.  So brace yourself! Many a blog post coming your way! First up is the lovely Christina wearing the Awesome and Amazing Megan Nielsen Cascade skirt.

cascade 3cascade 2

We had one massive photo shoot on our final morning at the cottage.  The plan was originally for me to model my own clothing but the day started with this:

2013-08-11 10.20.39

My Idlewood sweater.

Clearly I was in a happy place!  Totally in the zone…  game for all sorts of photo fun. Ummm….  notsomuch!  So Christina to the rescue!

cascade 4 cascade 1

I’ve had my eye on the cascade skirt for awhile now but the poor lovely kept getting shoved to the back of the sewing queue… needed the perfect fabric!  Fortunately, I stumbled upon this fabric on the sale floor of King Textiles on the morning of our vacation.  A measly $3 a yard and perfect for the cascade!  It’s some mystery nylon blend that I might normally avoid but I really love it for this skirt!  Doesn’t shrink or wrinkle but cascades beautifully and is just plain fun!

cascade 8

I made this skirt my first day at the cottage before we had managed to find an ironing board for me to use.  Meant that I had to become fast friends with my rolled hem foot as there is a lot of hem here, folks!  And a traditional rolled hem without an iron?  Don’t think so!  Otherwise nothing to say.  The pattern is easy and quick and the skirt certainly makes a statement.  Can’t put this sucker on without wanting to run, jump and twirl!  It sure does love the wind though so I’m going to have to sew on some pretty ribbon to keep it closed.

cascade 5 cascade 6

Twirl!!!!  Now if only I was still at the Lui Cottage.

2013-08-11 10.21.11

Peggy, the photographer of the day after attempting to coax a smile out of me… She cheered up considerably after Christina took over!

Thanks for the photos, Peggy!



9 thoughts on “Cottage Cascades

  1. All I can say is, thank you for having me as your photographer/minion!!! It was a fun time and I can’t wait for more posts to show off all your awesome and amazing hard work.

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