KCW: Plaid Shorts and Muscle Tank

Back so soon with some sewing for the boy!  Daxton was in need of some shorts to finish his summer wardrobe so I have three pairs planned to finish this week for KCW.  First up are a pair of plaid shorts with a muscle tee to wear with it.


These particular shorts I have had cut out and sitting ready to go for a few weeks now, but KCW finally gave me the push to get them finished.  I used the same pattern that I used for these shorts, The Nowhere pants just shortened.  I gave my husband the job to pick some fabric out for these shorts and he went with this green and plaid flannelette from Fabricland.  I honestly didn`t love the fabric when he picked it but since I am constantly bugging him for input I decided to go with it anyway.  Apparently he has a better eye for fabric than me because I think it made a pretty adorable pair of shorts.

IMG_6104 IMG_6105

The last time I used this pattern I made a size 18months and although the shorts fit and he wears them often they are a bit tight.  So this time I went with the 2T for my 14month old and I am much happier with how they fit him.  Not too much to say about them since I just followed the pattern as is with no modifications other than skipping the back pockets.


This was my first time working with plaid fabric and even though I spent way more time than I would like to admit they don`t line up perfectly.  Frustrating!

To go with the shorts I made Dax a tank using this pattern.  It was recently on sale for $1 and gave me a perfect excuse to try sewing some knits.

IMG_6114 IMG_6115

This was my second attempt at sewing with knits and it went okay but I am having trouble figuring out which stitch and settings I need to use to get a really good stretch stitch.  My kids have really big heads and the neck on this shirt barely fits over Dax`s head and on my first tank the neck stitches popped.  I ended up just leaving all the edges unfinished and will continue to experiment on some new knit projects until I can figure out what is going to work best.


Next up are a couple pairs of shorts using Dana`s new pattern.  One is finished and hoping to finish the second pair tonight, so will be back to share those soon!

(Sorry for the less than amazing pictures, trying to photographer a one year old is challenging!)



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