Appliqued Bike Skirt

After what feels like forever I finally have a new project to share!  A bike skirt for Finnley!


This skirt ended up being a VERY time consuming project but it ended up being pretty adorable.  My initial inspiration came from this skirt, although I took mine in a different direction and used a super bright colour palette.  To make the actual skirt I used Dana`s simple skirt tutorial and appliqued bikes around the bottom of the skirt.


To make the applique I had my much more artistic husband free hand a stencil for me which I then painstakingly cut out of pink, orange, and lime green broadcloth.  I then sewed around the bikes carefully, but please don`t look too carefully at my less than perfect stitches!

IMG_5868 IMG_5883

Pretty happy with how it turned out, but will try a much simpler applique next time!


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