Happy Homemade vol3 Top A1/A2

Back again so soon!  With no Bitty to dilute my posts.  Sorry, folks but Rae’s Spring Top Sewalong ends today so time is short! Without further ado, here is a blouse I made from one of my Japanese dress books (Happy Homemade Vol. 3).

bodice side


This is an amalgamation of two patterns.  I used the wide bias neckline from version A2 but replaced the flutter sleeves with the sleeves from version A1, which had a pleating detail that I really enjoyed.  While I didn’t copy on purpose, I was in The Workroom recently and saw Karyn wearing this top, so I strongly suspect that I may have had it mind when I made my own version!  Thanks Karyn!

2013-04-16 15.39.09

Ignore the bulk… I may have had a certain tank top underneath this. The shirt really does have some great drape!

If I am being completely honest, I made most of this shirt back in November.  Even wore the unfinished version a few times!  But it really did need some modifying and the sewalong was the motivation I needed to finally make these changes!  The primary one was to take it in.  If any of you have worked from Japanese pattern books before then you know how big they can be!  A lot of drape but not a lot of shape built into the patterns.  This is a style that looks great on some people but if you have some curves then the clothing can look like a giant potato sack if you’re not careful!  So I modified the shape the main blouse.  Sadly, it’s not so obvious in these photos as I have another shirt on underneath it!  Takes up the extra space!  Oh well…  you’ll just have to take my work for it.  All in all, I really like this pattern.  I see many variations in the future as you can really play with the sleeves on this one.  I also think that I will either modify the neck or use a softer fabric the next time around so that it doesn’t stand so stiffly at the back of the neck.  An easy change to make!

2013-04-16 15.35.04

If you have never tried Japanese pattern books then I can highly recommend them!  They tend to be simple, fun and very, very versatile.  So go and enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Happy Homemade vol3 Top A1/A2

    • Thank you! I got the fabric locally for only a couple of dollars. Was thinking to use it for a wearable muslin (which is what I did use it for) but I ended up really liking it! As for Japanese dress books… in fact I do speak Japanese but I don’t refer to the written instructions ever so language should really not an issue here! I promise! There are a few Kanji characters that can be useful for identifying or orienting pattern pieces but again, that tends to be obvious. The patterns are usually simple and the diagrams detailed enough. I think that anyone with a basic understanding of clothing construction would do fine. Youandmie.com recently hosted a guest series on sewing from Japanese dress books so I’d recommend taking a look there is you are interested in giving them a try.

  1. I’ve heard wonderful things about Japanese pattern books. In addition to the great designs the word on the web seems to be that the illustrations are so clear that no language is really needed.

    Your fabric is great! It’s sophisticated and still whimsical. Does it have a seersucker-like texture?

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