Split-Back Tank

Finally, the first of my Spring Top Sewalong tops! I was pretty excited when Rae (of made-by-rae) posted that she would be hosting this sewalong again this spring.  I watched last year but was just getting back into sewing and so didn’t participate.  This year?  All in!  A perfect excuse for some selfish sewing as much of my sewing and knitting time lately has been dedicated to gifts (Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, baby shower gifts, welcome baby gifts, etc etc…  I think you get the point!).  While there is little more satisfying than gifting someone with something handmade (particularly to those that appreciate the time and effort!), my spring and summer wardrobe needs some work!  A month later, however, and my commitment to the SAL was somewhat…  dimmed!  I just haven’t had the time!  But before the ardor cooled, I did manage to make a couple of shirts, the first of which was this split-back version of the tiny pocket tank by Grainline Studios (worked from this tutorial).

front  back close

I used fabric from the comma collection from Zen Chic.  I’m using quilting cotton a lot in my me-made wardrobe, which is a real switch for me.  I used to have some definite opinions on quilting cotton and fashion/apparel fabric and never the twain shall meet!  Sometimes this still holds true but for those that feel the same way let me just point out that the quality of quilting cotton has really improved!  Some of it is silky with really excellent drape.  In this case it could have had the texture and drape of a cardboard box and I still would not have been able to resist the punctuation marks!  And I am really pleased with my choice…  it’s fun while being fairly subtle.  I don’t have a picture of the inside but let’s just say that with the bound armholes and neckline and french seams that this tank is as pretty on the inside as it is on the outside!

2013-04-16 15.40.52

If you are considering the split-back variation of this pattern then I should point out that it is BIG!  Much more room that you would have in the regular version so keep that in mind.  Despite the straining darts in the above pictures (awkward pose!), this tank could still stand to lose a couple of cm’s in the centre front.  And I had to angle the back pieces in such as way as to reduce the overall volume of the shirt.  Because of this, I also had to sew the back shut so the buttons ended up being decorative only.  It also meant that the split was less dramatic than intended in the back.  The upside is that this tank can be worn in the lab…  always a bonus!


2013-04-16 15.26.43

Can’t think of anything else you need to know about this one.  Hopefully I’ll manage to post about my Colette Sencha and a blouse I made from one of my Japanese dress books…  the sewalong end on Friday so that just might not happen!

Photos were graciously taken by my friend Alisha.  I wich I could say that I was an equally gracious subject!  I was a grump (and I was freezing!), so the pickin’s were slim for this post!  Thanks, Alisha!

2013-04-16 15.44.23



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