The Details Are In The Shorts

So it is week three for Project Run and Play and this weeks theme is “It ‘s All In The Details”.  Originally I had no intention of sewing along but contributing last week ended up being way more fun than I thought it would be.  Since I am so new to sewing and don’t have experience with lots of the little details that can be added like piping or embroidery, I tried to think about what details I love on clothes.  My first thought was buttons, I love buttons!  So I started searching for ideas and found this tutorial for a pair of shorts by none other than Shwin and Shwin that used a pattern that I already had, the Nowwhere Man Pants.  And that led to some adorable shorts for Finnley and Daxton!

IMG_5293 IMG_5357

I decided to use pieces from the original pattern and some of the details from the tutorial, combined with a few of my own ideas to use one pattern to make two different pairs of shorts.  This ended up being a fun project because even though the details that make each pair of shorts different are not immediately obvious, it was my first time modifying a pattern and adding a little bit of myself.

For Dax’s shorts I decided to use some black and white seersucker that I already had in my rapidly growing stash.  When I was shopping for fabric for my Chevron Sweetheart dress, I picked up a fat quarter of this to use for some contrast.  I stuck with the curved pockets from the pattern to show more of the contrast fabric.   I also used the contrast fabric to make button tabs for each leg to “hold up” a cuff.  His shorts also feature a faux fly and an overlapping waistband.  The final detail I added to his shorts was black piping on both the front and back pockets.

IMG_5368 IMG_5374

The one issue I had with Dax’s shorts was that when I sewed in the faux fly I didn’t sew along the original seam, which added extra fabric to the front of the shorts.  Otherwise I am super happy with them!


For Finnley’s shorts I ended up going with a red stretch poplin with white accents.  After my issues with the faux fly I skipped it on Finnley’s shorts but still added the overlapping waistband.  For the front pockets I went with a straight pocket and added some white button tabs.  For the back pockets I went for a faux pocket by adding some flaps with white top stitching and buttons to hold them down.  I also added some button tabs to the bottom of her shorts and a cuffed hem.

IMG_5324 IMG_5321

The red fabric was picked to match her Lucy top (blogged about here).  Looks adorable but hides some of the little details.


And one last picture.


Attempting to get a photo together.

This ended up being a fun project and resulted in some very practical and adorable shorts for my kiddos.  Now I just need to decide what to make next!



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