Movember themed baby gift

So this weekend was party time for soon-to-be Baby Horst!  Of course I wanted to make him something but I didn’t leave enough time for knitting (sad to be such a procrastinator!) so out came the sewing machine!  I have been playing around with block printing a lot lately since seeing madmim’s and paunnet’s awesome shirts so I decided to do something using this technique.  Baby Daddy André is a fan of his impressive Movember ‘stache so, borrowing heavily from paunnet’s moustache T-shirt, I went to town on some plain white Kona cotton!

I used a linoleum block of unknown origin (one that has been collecting dust in my craft box for awhile) and drew on a moustache using a pencil.  I didn’t have anything to mount a stamp on so I did use a thicker linoleum block so that it would function as a stamp on its own.  While it did indeed function beautifully as a stamp, the linoleum itself was very crumbly and did not carve easily!  Live and learn I guess!

Photo 2013-02-14 6 59 09 PM

carving the stamp and testing it out on some craft paper.

Once I had a stamp I was happy with I taped down the white kona cotton I wanted to use and started printing using a water-based black fabric ink.  Was fun!  I simply let the ink dry, heat set it with an iron and sewed it up into a bandana bib.  I used a bamboo fleece as an absorbant centre and then backed it with some black PUL to act as a water barrier (both purchased from this Etsy shop)!  If all goes as planned, in addition to being adorable (a given!), this bib should absorb A LOT of drool while keeping the baby dry!  Finally, I finished these off using KAM snap closures.  In addition to the hand stamped ‘stache bib, I made one using a Michael Miller bicycle print and another using a Lizzy House constellation print.

  Photo 2013-02-16 10 25 57 PM  Photo 2013-02-16 10 26 12 PM

All done!  These were easy, fast and really fun to make!  They were also a hit with Baby Horst’ parents!


I’m publishing this a little late…  Baby Horst has been born!  And I did find some time for knitting but I’ll save that for a later post!


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