Chevron Sweetheart Dress

It is week 2 over at Project Run and Play and this weeks theme is Riley Blake chevron week.  Looking for any excuse to go out and buy some chevron print made me excited to participate and sew along.  I decided last minute that I wanted to make something which meant it was too late to order anything online so I was limited to what I could find locally.  My mom was visiting this weekend and the second she arrived I dragged her off to my local Fabricana to see what they had in stock.  Stock was pretty limited and I ended up spending more than I would have liked but I managed to find something I thought would work.  I originally had visions of yellow and white chevron for the skirt and some white cotton with yellow pindots for the bodice but oh well, was not meant to be.  What I ended up coming home with was this navy and white chevron and some white quilting cotton.  What I ended up making was a Sweetheart dress by Shannon from luvinthemommyhood.

IMG_4959 IMG_4962

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress!  The heart cutout on this dress is so adorable!  I also love the fabric combination I went with even if it isn’t what I thought I wanted.  White and navy is just such a classic colour combination.

So what can I say about the construction of this dress?  Although this pattern is considered to be for an advance beginner it is the most complicated thing that I have personally sewn.  I think I drove my mom a bit crazy with all my questions and my need to show each little step that I completed looking for her reassurance.  Thanks mom for answering all my questions and constantly reassuring me that it looked okay!  This dress was a couple firsts for me, the first time I have ever lined a bodice and the first time I have attached a bodice and skirt together.  These 2 steps were the ones that caused me the most trouble.  All mistakes I made were because I just wasn’t being careful enough and thinking each step through.  Although the dress is far from perfect I am super happy with the overall job.


And I love how it looks on Finnley and I am taking her accidental thumbs up to mean she likes it as well!


The heart cutout adds an adorable and feminine detail that Finnley loves.  She keeps calling it her heart dress.


And any excuse to wear a high bun with the excuse of showing off a special detail is good to me!


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25 thoughts on “Chevron Sweetheart Dress

  1. Love it, Elizabeth!! Keep the projects coming!! I just got back into sewing and am more than excited to sew some dresses for Alexanria!

  2. Awesome job Bitty…..absolutely adorable………better watch out or Graecyn might be hitting it you up for one 🙂

  3. Cute! This dress turned out adorable, and I think if you ever feel the need to make one with the yellow and white chevrons and yellow pindots (which sounds super cute to me) it will be completely justified by how adorable this one is!

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