Simple Skirt

So this past Christmas when my mom came down I convinced her that bringing me her sewing machine that had been sitting in a closet forgotten for I don’t know how long was a great idea!  For my very first foray in sewing I wanted to start with something VERY simple so I could focus on familiarizing myself with the sewing machine and what is more simple than a simple skirt.  All you need is a rectangle of fabric and some elastic and you end up with an adorable and totally wearable skirt for your little girl!


Following this tutorial was SO easy.  The hardest part of sewing this skirt was working around the fact that my neglected machines backstitch was not working.  The only change I made to the tutorial was to make a french seam instead of finishing the seam with a zigzag stitch.  Gives it a nice clean finish!

IMG_4851 IMG_4872

I think Finnley likes it!

IMG_4919Wearing it to the Easter egg hunt.

I see many more of these skirts in our future!

(Sorry for the less than amazing photographs.  Something I really need to work on!)



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