Easter Baskets!

Well, Bitty and I have been trying to get going on this blog for a couple of months now.  Time to dive in!  Since it’s Easter Monday, what better way to start than with an Easter project post!

I started my postdoc in Toronto about four and a half years ago with Anne and Dirk, two postdocs from Germany.  Some quick traditions ensued as we all settled into life in a new city (and country in their case) and one of our first traditions was the annual Easter Sunday brunch at Dirk’s place.  I use the term brunch loosely as the event may start as Sunday Brunch but tends to include Easter Sunday Dinner and even, on one occasion, Easter Monday Breakfast!  Dirk and his wife Mailin have two adorable daughters Kiara and Sophie and while gifts are not usually a big part of our Easter tradition, there is usually a lot of chocolate for the girls.  This year I thought I would add to the chocolate tradition by making some Easter baskets to carry it all around in.  Armed with some sale fabric from The Workroom and this tutorial, I got to work on Saturday afternoon.  These came together very quickly and the final result was simple but fun!

Photo 2013-03-31 11 15 36 AM  Photo 2013-03-31 11 15 30 AM

I followed the tutorial as it was written and am pleased with the result.  I used some heavy fusible interfacing on the outer fabric for the handle and the bag.  While this was a good choice for the body of the bag, the handle was still a bit floppy.  Next time I would either shorten the handle a smidgen or would interface both the outer and lining fabrics on the handle to give it a bit more structure.  No matter!  The girls loved them!  Little Sophie had one or both of them on her arm all day long!

Photo 2013-03-31 2 23 02 PM  Photo 2013-03-31 2 32 02 PMPhoto 2013-03-31 2 51 02 PM

Happy Easter!


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